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24th July 2014, 04:17 PM
Atsebu Amamfi

In the year 4000, Ghana recorded 25,000 unusually high seismic readings in 3 days. Puzzled by this, the nation's best scientists analysed the readings and came to a shocking conclusion: the seismic readings were caused by the footsteps of ngramofo (giants). Visual confirmation of the threat was received when three weeks later, 25000 of these beings walked into the evacuated nation's capital.

The top military advisers mobilised all their forces but even they knew that this would be a long protracted war with heavy casualties on their side. So on 6th March, 4000, Atsebu Amamfi, the wisest and toughest gramo (giant) proposed that the humans assist him in finding a new dimension for his people.

He already knew that even if his race won the war, the resources of the entire world would only last them a few weeks. So for five weeks, he and Vuvor, a member of the ahinta asafo and an expert on transdimensional mechanics, worked hard to find a dimension that would be best suited for the ngramofo.

A transdimensional facility was built in Takoradi and all the ngramofo left the humans' dimension, causing the people to heave a sigh of relief. In their new home, the ngramofo under Atsebu's leadership developed the entire dimension from scratch. However the strain of doing this took its toll on him and he slipped into a coma.

Without his leadership, the ngramofo began to fight each other for the position of supreme leader. Two factions were formed, the Yiwan (blade) ekuo (faction) and the Ogya (fire) ekuo. Using their advanced technology, both sides created clones of themselves, programmed only to kill and named them )brafo) (executioners).

In one week, the Ogya )brafo) had destroyed the )brafo) of the yiwan, allowing their masters to dominate the Yiwan ekuo. 3 days later, the ngramofo) realised that their kind were beginning to disappear by the dozen every night. They realised too late that the )brafo)'s programming had evolved from killing every )brafo) to killing everything and everyone.

The ngramofo who remained put up a fierce fight but 4 days later, only a 100 gramofo) were left. Desperate they built a transdimensional device to send their abominations to another dimension. They forcefully revived Atsebu from his coma, knowing he alone had the strength to fight the )brafo) menace.

In the last government building left intact, the device began to emit a low hum to the relief of the few ngramofo) stationed there when the )brafo) breached the building's perimeter. Despite not being fully recovered, Atsebu destroyed hundreds of the abominations with one ekumapraban.

He slashed and cleaved any )brafo) that tried to kill the ngramofo shelterd inside the building. Just when the device was fully operational, an )brafo) tore through the floor beneath them and punched the device, causing it to malfunction. It then turned to the ngramofo but as it lunged at them, Atsebu punched it into the wall of the buiding.

Sensing the explosive nature of the defective device, Atsebu ripped it from its stands and tore through the building, brushing aside scores of )brafo) as they attacked him. They was a faint hum as a ball of energy surrounded him and 10 )brafo) and their bodies began to break into pieces.

The transdimensional device hit the ground and exploded sending shockwaves across the gramo dimension and vapourised everything and anyone not within the sheilded government building save Atsebu and the10 )brafo). In the Ghanaian night sky, 11 large figures fell towards the earth, each landing causing large tremors felt across the nation.

In a cocoa farm, a farmer scrambled away in horror as an )brafo) swung a moon sized fist at him. One hand seized the arm and another fist punched through the chest of the )brafo) killing it. Another )brafo) swung a fist at Atsebu but he seized its arm and snapped it. His right hand clamped the head of the )brafo) and slammed it headfirst into the ground.

His keen sense of hearing picked up the footsteps of two )brafo) at the beach. It took him 10 minutes to reach the beach and headbutt an )brafo) into the ground, killing it. An )brafo) sunk into a hausa boxing stance and threw several punches at him. Atsebu dodged them using Mim Dzee (the Ga martial art of evasion) and thrust both of his hands into it's chest and ripped it into two.

An )brafo) tore out of the ground, displacing sand and stone and slammed into Atsebu, sending both of them into the sea. Atsebu placed his hands firmly around the )brafo)'s neck and ripped it from its shoulders. The body sank into the water as Atsebu burst through the surface of the water, gasping for air.

He sank to his knees and noticed that the nation's entire military force had their weapons trained on him. Vuvor stepped forward. 'We had an agreement, Atsebu. You and your people were not supposed to return yet five of your people have attacked 5 of our military installations'

'Things are not what they seem, Abrewa Vuvor. ' he replied. 'I'll explain everything.''

At 12:00 pm, Vuvor noted down his account of the events that took place after the ngramofo left the human dimension. 'The )brafo) took parts of the transdimensional devices used to send your race to your new home. From your account, if they are programmed to kill, then the most cost effective way to do it would be to recreate the explosion that destroyed half of your dimension' she reasoned.

'The only difference, noted Atsebu grimly, is that none of your buildings have the shielding to withstand such a blast, thus it would vaporise everything and everyone in the world'.
They searched for the ngramofo since afternoon but with no luck, Atsebu checked seismic readings below sea levels and found one spot that gave off unusually high readings. At 12:00 pm, Atsebu swum to the depths of the Gulf of Guinea, reaching pressure levels that would have crushed other seafaring vessels.

An ominous looking metal structure stood at the bottom of the Gulf. He drew out an ekumapraban as two )brafo) swam towards him, slashing them apart with one swing. He breached the surface of the structure. An extremely nk)ns)nk)ns)n (chain) was wrapped around his neck and another around his ekumapraban, yanking it away.

Another )brafo) drew an afena and dove at him but he snapped the chain with his fingers with his fingers, wrapped the strands around his feet, and dodged the thrust. He smashed his chained fist into the )brafo), cushing it into the wall of the building. He turned his attention to the )brafo) who attacked him with his own ekumapraban.

Atsebu grappled with the akodze, keeping it inches away from his neck. Suddenly he felt a blade thrust through the right part of his chest. He looked behind the )brafo) in front of him and realised that the last one had stabbed him, by thrusting his afonanta through one of his own.

He snapped the blade with his hands, brushed the dead )brafo) aside and stabbed the last )brafo) aside and stabbed the last )brafo) repeatedly with the broken piece. He raised his body temperature and cauterised the wound with his body heat. He walked toward the device with seconds left before the explosion and altered its settings to teleport.

He closed his eyes as the familiar hum of the teleport sent him back to the land of the ngramofo. Things were very different in the land of the ngramofo as Atsebu led his people to start rebuilding once more from scratch to build a better world.