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15th July 2014, 04:51 PM
Asafo Safo (4)

‘The rest of the fighters may leave’ said Amoawa suddenly. ‘I will go with Safo to meet this Mansa.’ However none of them moved an inch. She smiled faintly,’Alright, )safo, let’s just crush the enemy”. Mansa heard the shouts first, and later the other asafo, as Amoawa, Safo and the other asafoakyer rushed at the remaining asafo lines, slashing through their blades and tackling them with high and low kicks. As he got closer to the barricade separating him from Mansa’s forces, an asafo lunged at him but he punched her in the throat and turned to slash an arrow that flew straight for his neck with his afena. He hacked at the barricade with his ndar, each swing breaking the barrier in large chunks.

Mansa watched as the barricade began to give way and heaved a sigh of acceptance before drawing out her afena. ‘They’re coming for us, she warned her forces, ‘show no fear, show no hesitation and show no mercy’. The barricade fell with a loud clatter and both forces darted towards each other, akodze drawn. Amoawa lunged at Mansa but Owusuwaa blocked her path, her spearhead slicing a tuft of her hair off her head. She aimed the akodze at Amoawa again and again, but she brushed away the spear each time and kicked her into a stockpile of akodze.

The vice asafoakyer regained her balance and attacked her again but with one swing of her left leg, she snapped the wooden shaft of the spear in half and struck her across the head.

Enraged, Mansa lunged at her from behind but Safo blocked the attack with his ndar and they swung at each other, drawing sparks from their akodze. Mansa began to force him back until they swung at each other with such force that their blades broke. Mansa still swung her broken afena at him but he blocked it with his own broken blade and kicked her belly, forcing her to skid backwards as he drew out his akofena. She regained her balance and darted towards him, mimicking his earlier moves with leg swings and the swing of his akodze. He sidestepped her thrusts and began swinging at her using Kakla ke Klante Nimo (the Ga Martial art of bladed weapon combat).

Unfamiliar with this art, Mansa was unable to avoid being forced into the corner of the building they were fighting in. He swung hard against her akofena, sending her crashing through the clay wall and landing outside the building. They continued to fight even as scores of low ranking asafo and their vice safohen fought the safohenfo and other asafo. Sparks flew from their akodze as they clashed. She pushed back against him fiercely, nearly causing him to nearly lose his balance. Mansa chose that moment when he was still beginning to regain his balance to lunge at him, determined to kill him.

Safo regained his balance, drew out his b)ha (scabbard) and sheathed her akofena in it, before rolling away, flicking the b)ha once, causing it to fly straight into the wall of a hut.

She drew out her ndar and slashed at him, ripping through his battledress but e blocked four swings of the machetes and swung twice, knocking the ndar out of her hands. She drew out a poisoned dagger and lunged at him only for him to bush it aside and punch her neck. She stumbled backwards in pain as he sheathed his ndar. Panting heavily, Mansa pondered over her next move. She glanced around her and noticed that all of her asafo were being restrained and disarmed by the senior asafo. She sighed, closed her eyes and raised her hands in surrender. Five of Safo’s asafo rushed towards her, disarmed and bound her quickly. At the break of dawn, Safo gave his report to Elder Takyi who nursed his injured hand.

‘Mansa and the vice safohenfo have been detained and are awaiting the trial for their crimes set for the next week. In the years of service to the village, she was considered as an average asafo with no outstanding qualities or family ties.’

‘We discovered that she used the gold dust reserves from the closed mines to buy out the spy network which was why the signs of any uprising went unnoticed and timed the attack at the moment when the Supi and most of the asafo would be absent from the village in an intervillage meeting.’

‘What about the situation in the village?’ asked Takyi.

‘When the uprising began, most of the people fled to the nearby villages, Nyansakrom, being one of them. There were some acts of lawlessness in the village that night as the numbers of asafo have being reduced. Because of this, I’m going to conduct a patrol of the village this morning to make sure everything and everyone is safe and secure.’

‘Very good, Safo. You may leave now” noted Takyi.

Eight low ranking asafo stiffened as Safo emerged from the panin hut.

‘Is everyone ready?’

‘Yes, Safohen Safo’

Mo (excellent) let us begin the patrol.

The End