View Full Version : Jackie Appiah Dropped From ‘Cheaters’

4th July 2014, 12:07 PM
Movie director Frank Rajah has reportedly kicked out lead actress Jackie Appiah from the cast for the continuity of his movie ‘Cheaters’, though she played lead role in the first and second instalments-‘Cheaters book 1&2’.

Also in the previous instalments were Adjetey Anang, Okawa Shaznay, Omar Sheriff Captan, Uche Iwuannyawu, Henry A. Asiedu, Chichi Neblett, Salma Mumin among others.

Sources told News One that Frank wrapped up the shoot of ‘Cheaters Book 3&4 last week without Jackie Appiah and some of the old cast.


Details on why he dropped Jackie were still murky, but indications were that Jackie’s trip to Brazil for the FIFA World Cup tournament also played a part.

“Frank couldn’t wait for Jackie to return from Brazil and so he decided to drop almost all the cast except, Okawa,” the source said.

Efforts to speak to him yesterday however proved futile.

It is also yet to be confirmed who the new cast are.

Source: News One