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16th March 2014, 05:45 PM
They spun away from the attack and advanced toward her from all sides but Sum darted forward, slashing ferociously with her akofena at all three asafo in the chest regions. The Tufohen stopped the next swing from Sum’s blade with her own and slashed its chest. Baaba slashed it from behind and dove to her left as the kakai turned to her direction, swinging its akofena at her.

Sum blocked Baaba’s other attacks but Vuvor slashed the arm wielding its akodze. Sum swung at Vuvor’s retreating form and as Vuvor thrust her afena at it, it leaned back, evading her attack. Baaba spun towards her, shifting suddenly from left to right to dodge Sum’s attacks. She repeatedly slashed it’s chest.

It struck the three asafo, pushing them back, their akodze barely stedy in their hands. Sum lunged at them again, pushing them towards the end of the protective ring. In the protective ring, Ato and Twuamsi struck down several kakai. Sensing that Baaba was being pressed, Twumasi let off three arrows at Sum who slashed them repeatedly.

Sum, for the first time in her life, felt slightly weary and yet dodged the attacks of the asafo continuously. Panting heavily, the combatants circled each other warily, respectfully keeping their distance away from each other. Sum shifted her foot forward slightly, then lunged at them, all four limbs bearing steel claws, pamo marks scarring it’s limbs and abdomen.

The Tufohen and Vuvor analysed the dangerous situation at once, and took on all of Sum’s ferocious attacks ,enabling Baaba to launch her attack. A slash from left to right tore through the kakai’s blades as Baaba advanced toward the kakai. Despite her injuries, Baaba struck through the kakai’s weapons, her slash causing the kakai to stumble backwards.

Baaba and Sum struck at each otheryet for every cut Baaba took, she dealt two more to the weakening kakai. Each slash drove it back and none of them could dodge or sidestep any of their attacks. Only blocking attacks from each other was possible as their endurance began to fall and their injuries began to take their toll on them.

Baaba blocked her machetes with a lone akofena and struck at her slashing her from top to bottom. Sum stumbled backwards as Baaba lunged at her, her akofena stabbing Sum, forcing her to the ground even as Sum’s machetes dug into her shoulders. The pamo marks spread across herbody rapidly as her ties to the kakai world were slowly severed and she was banished, leaving behind a strong gust of wind and dust.

The remaining kakai fought fiercely, roars of rage mixed with despair at the loss of Sum, their strength. However the asafo were relentless and soon there were no kakai between them and the tower. They hurried towards it, entering it even as the kakai from across the entire kakai world roared and rushed towards the tower.

Kuukua, Asabea and the other asafo kept the kakai at bay, even as Ato and Vuvor unveiled two miniature warp accelerator devices, shaped in the form of the afena. They formed a small circle, the warp process began quickly and they were gone before all the kakai in the kakai world swarmed the tower.

Later, that night, safe in their own world, Ato and Vuvor submitted their report to the Tufohen.

‘So the devices will hold in the kakai world and keep them away permanently?’ she asked.

‘Yes, the warp devices on both sides will keep both worlds apart permanently’ Ato noted. ‘Already, the Spiral is growing stronger by the second.'

‘And how is Baaba?’ the Tufohen asked.

‘Recovering faster than expected. She has played her part in the war. She has helped to keep her town, her country, her world safe.’ In a few days, if we’re wrong and the kakai manage to return, she’ll be ready to fight them again.