View Full Version : Who loves China today?

12th February 2014, 02:37 PM
I love eating at China blues bar (Deli!), but who loves China today I mean the DPR of C and their lovely political system? A system that promises paradise to you and me.
At the moment the DPR is at the threshold of making the preliminiaries (ugh foreplays) of a new cold war, great business opportunities for you and me. So we all should welcome their attitudes and sharpen our pencils, cause new things are to come.
We (all) don't know what comes, but it will be definitively one thing: exciting. Greets.

12th March 2014, 02:36 PM
Increasing my post numbers. I ask the world and the world has no answers. One question against 6 billion - and no answer. Not a single answer. So what do you expect me - to give the answers? Is this forum locked out? - from the world or goooooooooogle bs? I do not think so. I have answers but you are not ready to ask me.