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7th February 2014, 06:09 PM
Vuvor called Baaba via the portable radio. ‘Danso has identified a kakai that is emitting a strong breach signal moving towards us. ‘Even if we seal off the kakai world, she may be able to permanently open the barrier between both worlds on her own’.

‘So we banish her first, mother and then seal off the kakai world permanently.’

‘Correct’ responded Vuvor.

Baaba checked her own detector, identifying Panin Sum, one of the three kakai as the one who needed to be banished and sped straight towards her. There were no war cries, no sudden pause and no traces of fear as the kakai and the asafo clashed in the space between the crevices. The Tufohen sprinted ahead, cutting and banishing the kakai between her and the trio.

Sum’s squad fought Tumasi and Danso, each asafo clashing with two kakai. The humans noticed a common fighting pattern of the kakai. More kakai spilled out from the cracks in the ground and swarmed the asafo. Naarkie fended off two mpaninfo with the common and weighted arrows. She then unsheated her ndar to fight three young kakai.
Kuukua and Asabea fought off several young ones with Aseidu and Ofori as the rest of the asafo formed a protective ring enclosing panin Sum with Vuvor, the former Supi who was now the Tufohen, (Commander at arms) and Baaba, one of their strongest asafo. They swung at Sum from all sides but she blocked their attacks, and sidestepped their subsequent attacks with ease.

She kept them at bay with a serrated spear. Vuvor swung her afena at her right but Sum blocked it, forcing her to swing her machete at her right. However Sum’s serrated spear smashed down on her afena and slashed her chest diagonally. As Vuvor fell back, the Tufohen swung her blade to take her place at the attack but her afonanta was blocked by Sum’s own afonanta.

Sum pushed back and swung her spear to block an attack from behind from Baaba, and slashed at the Supi, her akodze a blur in the eyes of the old woman. The Tufohen stumbled back, her hand over her wound and when Sum swung her spear again for the kill, Baaba blocked the incoming attack and unleashed a flurry of fast strikes against the kakai, slashing her legs and shoulders in minutes.

The kakai blocked further strikes from Baaba even as the Tufohen recovered and swung at her from the right, at the same time as Vuvor swung at its left. The blades grazed her neck but Sum fought on, forcing back the pamo marks with sheer willpower. It drew out various akodze from it’s body and slashed Baaba’s chest with its afowatsena and at close range, let loose a sudden barrage of steel needles aimed at the asafo’s joints.

12th February 2014, 02:00 PM
I can fully understand this. As we had our weekly staff conference today we talked about similAR topics. But there was no conclusion, so I guess we'll talk next week again. But my friends said: chap leave your rusty sword behind the oven. What can I say? The night goddess s not back from hunting right now, so babaa keep you butt sober and eat nothing but leaves for a few weeks.