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2nd January 2014, 04:11 PM
She unhooked her spear and then flung it at it’s neck, banishing it completely. Baaba then walked towards the spear, but then sensed an intense killing intent. She rolled to her left as the blade of a spear ripped through the air, striking the place where she had stood seconds ago. She regained her composure, sunk into an offensive stance, then leapt back as a steel needle tore through the air, missing her neck but grazing her leg.

She let off an arrow but it was smacked into her leg. As she yanked it out, she noticed a black clad, bone white kakai glaring at her. Machetes drawn, Panin Ko (Battle) lunged at her again and again but Baaba yanked out her own machetes and they both swung ferociously at each other even as the clashes heated the air around them.

Simultaneously, they drew out their akofenas and clashed again, discarding their broken machetes. The sparks from the clash nearly blinded Baaba, forcing her to draw backwards, even as it slashed her hat, the kakai blade inches away from her scalp. Baaba used her left akodze to stop the blade from spliiting her head and the right akodze to slash the kakai’s hands.

It gritted its teeth and the pamo marks on its hands stopped forming halfway. It spun to her left swinging its akofena which twisted and then extended into an afowatsena and angled towards her left shoulders. Baaba suddenly reached out and caught the akodze bare handed with her left hand and her right thrust an akofena at its throat.
It blocked the thrust as she loosened her grip on the akofena, drew out her machetes and slashed the kakai on both sides. It stumbled backwards,then suddenly darted to her right. Baaba blocked a swing from her right, then reading her fighting patterns, advanced forward, machetes blocking attacks aimed at her sides.

For each swing from the kakai, Baaba weaved and bobbed, dodging it’s attacks and dealing out her own blows, blocking with her machetes when she had to. Each slash was repaid in kind, but Baaba moved quickly from low swings to an onslaught of fast and powerful slashes both high and low until she slashed through its blades, and swung onwards to its abdomen slashing it.

The kakai’s breath became labored, an unfamiliar weakness quickly spreading to all its joints. The pamo marks spread all over its body and enraged, it lunged towards Baaba with its spear but Baaba was faster, as she sped towards the kakai, slashing through its spear with her akofena. The broken pieces clattered on the ground.

Baaba slashed from left to right and from top to bottom and sped off, even as the kakai was banished, raising a gust of wind and dust. Baaba sped towards the lone tower in the north, joined moments later by other asafo. Suddenly a steel needle tore through the air, slashing at her sleeve. She noticed three kakai heading towards them from the direction of the tower.
Danso slashed a kakai four times,then wiped the sweat from her brow. ‘Supi Vuvor’, he called as Vuvor smacked a kakai in a single slsh, its body spinning through the air and then banished as soon as it hit the ground.

‘What is it, Danso?’

‘The plan was to set miniature versions of the Warp Particle Accelerator in the point of the kakai world with the highest breach signatures, which in this case is the tower. Once that’s done, we’ll use it to leave the kakai world and the devices will synchronise with the one in our world, keeping both worlds apart permanently by jump starting the Spiral’

‘After all, there’s no way to defeat an entire world of kakai by ourselves anyway’

‘So, what’s the question?”

‘I’ve detected two breach signatures, and the smaller one is moving right towards us’

Fashion Yaa
7th February 2014, 07:13 AM
Great use of traditional weaponry

7th February 2014, 10:27 AM
Thanks, Yaa. It wasn't easy. Hope to post more parts soon.