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31st December 2013, 11:56 AM
'Asafo companies will break into two formations', the Tufohen announced. The advance guard will enter the kakai world and the vanguard will stay behind to guard the town should the first guard fail'. The three extra 'walls' situated in the park, town centre and schools will be the next line of defence if the kakai wipe out the vanguard and reach the town'

'The vanguard of Company 9 will also coordinate reentry into the human world should we succeed' Ato noted. 'Each company is advised to hold firmly to their weapons for teleportation by the disassembling of molecules is painful and unnerving.' A loud hum was emmitted from the 9th company headquarters as the Warp Particle Accelerator (WAP) Vuvor's creation, was remotely switched on.

'Baaba felt her toes slowly breaking off, then her kneees and her hands, as her molecules began to disassemble. If she had had time, she would have screamed from the pain but everyone took their cue from their grey haired supreme general, the Tufohen, who remained calm and composed. The forest animals shrieked and screamed as the hum reached deafening levels and then minutes later, the noise stopped, the asafo were gone, and the forest was very, very still.

A kakai watched the three suns in its sky lazily when three breaches opened on its right. Three asafo emerged from them and struck it with their spears. Other asafo spilled out from other breaches to meet kakai that attacked them. In the north, kakai were struck by several arrows from the 3rd company led by Vuvor. In the south, kakai were banished as Baaba and Afua flung their spears at them. A kakai lunged towards the schoolgirl, then spun to her left and swung its serrated blade at her shoulder but she blocked the first swing, parried the next and slashed through its spear, striking it at the neck and banishing it.

Other kakai fired their steel needles at her but Baaba deflected them into a kakai behind her and darted towards them, banishing them with three swings of her afena.

'So the humans are here' Panin Sum sighed. 'Pae (Burst), lead the kakai of the north, Gu(Collapse), lead those of the south. I will be with you shortly.'

A stream of kakai led by a red clad kakai rushed toward Twumasi and Kuukua's company. They attacked in sync, with each other as their sword swings and steel needles clashed with the asafo's akodze. Twumasi, with his akofena in one hand, cut a path through the kakai, not wasting a single movement. Suddenly a coalblack spear angled towards his chest but he spun back and parried the thrusts of a white clad kakai who wielded the spear. The black clad kakai lunged towards him but Efua blocked its path with her afonanta and swung upwards at it.

It spun to its left and attacked her repeatedly. Danso clashed with a kakai and slashed it across the chest, fully banishing it. Gu attaked him with an akuma as Danso spun away from the attacks and later banished the kakai panin in three quick swings. Ato struggled with a kakai whose weapons kept shifting from sword to spear and to projectiles. He memorised each change and adjusted his weapons accordingly before stabbing the kakai in the chest.

A kakai panin rushed towards kakai and let off a volley of needles that she dodged, even as she drew out an akofena and knocked Pae's akofena back and slashed it with her own. Pae leapt back, from Baaba's second swing and swung a serrated spear at her but Baaba rolled under the akodze, slashing its knees, forcing it to kneel before her.