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30th December 2013, 05:48 PM
'The rules that govern the entry of worlds are clear'. Vuvor said.

'Kakai do not belong to the human world so they can be banished by humans. Just as the human body generates anti-bodies to fight off foreign organisms, we can forge pamo (banishment) weapons from parts of the surrounding forest with high Kwan Sum (Dark path) concentration, the lines that connect our world to theirs. However the continuous breaches into our world by the kakai have weakened the Spiral significantly.'

'To keep it spinning, we will need to banish the kakai before they can enter our world again and also create a 'lock' effectively keeping the kakai or anything else from entering our world permanently. The new pamo weapons were crafted by exposing them to mini- breaches in the Company's lab for extended periods of time.'

'I will lead the advance guard into the kakai world' the Tufohen declared. 'Being banished is a risk I am willing to take if this is the one chance we have of ending this conflict'.

Sum sensed the killing intent of Panin Tum in the darkness of her room, but waited for her opponent to attack. Two spears flew out from the darkness and straight towards Sum's head. She moved it slightly, as they tore past her and struck the wall behind her.

Sum let off several needles into the shadows which pierced through the walls and several pillars, turning them to dust. A blur spun out of the shadows and swung twin afonantas at her right. Sum struck at it with her own serrated akofena. Tum blocked the swing and spun to her left, swinging at her again but Sum let of a barrage of steel needles, each one striking her joints and restricting her movements. Tum fell on her knees

Without a word, Sum stabbed the panin in the chest. Several young kakai swarmed into the room and Sum stepped aside as they devoured the panin, leaving no trace of her as they hurriedly rushed out of the door. She stopped one of them with a hand.

'Apae, tell the other mpaninfo that Bu has failed to bring an asafo to us to open the breach from our side to begin the invasion.' 'Tell them to prepare for the worst'. 'I'm exhausted from forging weapons from my own body that can breach the human world but if anyone else wants my position, tell them that I'll be waiting.'

Baaba swung repeatedly at Vuvor, forcing her back. Vuvor swung her akofena at Baaba's right but she blocked it with her own akofena twice and then leaned backwards as the akofena swept the air, inches from her face.

Baaba swung a spear to Vuvor's right but she blocked it inches from her shoulder. She then blocked another swing to her left arm and swung her akofena at Baaba which she dodged. They spun away from each other, assumed offensive stances and run towards each other even as the sun began to rise in the east.