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24th December 2013, 05:20 PM
Two figures walked in silence towards the town park. The night guard shuffled wearily to his feet, recognised Supi Vuvor and without a word, let her and her daughter in. 'We'll be here till daybreak' Vuvor said softly. 'See to it that we're not disturbed'.

'The park guides are part of the second wall of defense out of 10 to protect the town from the kakai.' Vuvor explained. ' The asafo ahinta based in the village are the first'.

'Baaba, I brought you here because this is where the elders and the chief decided to set up and train a branch of the asafo for the sole purpose of banishing kakai'. 'The training field at the asafo village is based on this field. The village should be a bit crowded now so this will be an ideal spot to train.' 'So draw out your akofena, my child and attack me'.

Baaba swung her akofena at Vuvor several times only for Vuvor to dodge each swing. Vuvor suddenly flung her akofena at Baaba forcing her to sink to her left knee, raise her weapon and smack the projectile back into Vuvor's hands. Vuvor let off three darts and Baaba wildly deflected the darts away with a spin of her spear. With a burst of speed, Vuvor advanced towards her child. Baaba swung her machetes left and right to counter the flurry of blows that her mother was raining down on her.

Noticing a pattern, she swung her akofena to lightly tap Vuvor's neck, a move which would end the session. Vuvor swung her akofena to block it and struck it once, nearly making Baaba lose her grip on it. Vuvor's akofena swung in an arc from Baaba's left so using the spear as a pivot, she swung herself underneath the blow, her right hand grasping it and her left wielding an akofena that swept towards the Supi.

Vuvor blocked the blow with her afowatsen (tri-bladed akfena). With the akofena's blade locked in between two of the afowatsen's blades, Vuvor twisted her weapon to break the blade. Baaba drew out her akofena as soon as she felt the turn of the afowatsen and swung at her shoulder the instant that Vuvor swung at hers, causing the two blades to clash, creating hot sparks that flew out between them.

'They've already started, Twumasi' Ato noted. 'On your feet, son'. Twumasi staggered a bit. The moment his vision cleared, Ato was bearing down on him as Twumasi rolled to the right. The man's afonanta (machete like sword) sliced the air where Twumasi had once been. The two asafo raced towards each other. The boy attacked first, his weapon a blur in Ato's eyes but he spun from left to right, remaining untouched.

Ato spun to his left, his afonanta slicing upwards towards his son. Twumasi leapt backwards, drew his spear and swung it at him. Ato dodged it, blocked twice and hit it once. Twumasi nearly dropped the spear as the vibrations shook his arm. As he fumbled, Ato let off three arrows. Twumasi sheated his spear and let of three arrows as well cutting through them. He then appraoched the man from his right, his akofena intended to tap his father's shoulder but Ato also swung his weapon at it.

Their swings cut through the air between them, as they sidestepped each other, wary of the other's movements. They repeated the same dance with drawn spears and wooden bows. Ato rolled away from his son, plucked a twig and flicked it at him.

Before the twig could hit him, an arrow flew past him cutting the twig in half before striking a tree. Naarkie emerged from the bushes with a longbow and a set of thin arrows and informed him that the machines in the company building were malfuntioning again.

'I'll have to fix things now,' Ato sighed. He fished out a manual from his battledress. 'Refer to page 35 , Twumasi", Naarkie can help you to train as well'.

'It's one of Vuvor's manuals' Naarkie noted. 'Baaba told me she read it weeks before she was attacked, because she thought it was a good piece of fiction"

On a cold Monday morning, all the Supi were in attendance at the Big Hut.

'Ato, are the transportation devices and senses fully operational' asked the Tufohen.


'Aseidua, your report'.

'Yesterday, we informed the public to stay away from the forest. My police force is handling town wide evacuation drills. All 18 hidden tunnels and routes have been checked and rechecked. If the worst comes to pass, the town will be evacuated in 15 minutes.

'Kuukua, psychological report"

'Most of the asafo are fully prepared to fight. Both the advance guard and the rear guard.'

'Asabea, Sekanbontrofi (weapons maker), weapons report"

'Two new sets of weapons have been handed to each asafo of both advance and rear guards. However,... they were very difficult to make and are heavier than our usual weapons, may I know why, Ato?

Ato glanced briefly at Vuvor, who nodded and spoke. 'Due to the weakened state of the spiral, we will need weapons that are powerful enough to banish kakai.. on their own turf.