View Full Version : How To Write A Standard CV To Pass An Interview

13th October 2013, 06:23 PM
A Curriculum Vitae is a brief account of your personal data, educational history and career profile which is usually submitted to companies with an application letter for job placement.
How to write a CV??? Take note, most COMPETENT and QUALIFIED job seekers (applicants) lose their interview opportunity and the job opportunity as well, because of their WRONGLY PREPARED CV.

Your CV is the first chance you have to impress your potential employer.

Therefore, your CV is the primary tool intended to help you secure interview opportunity because you can’t control who get interviewed and the interview itself, but you can control how you look on your CV.

Your CV should outline your personal data, objectives, educational history, personal skills, experience and accomplishments. It should also highlight your key selling points and indicates how you can solve a potential employer’s problems.

It reviews your background in detail, which will clearly identify your primary tasks and responsibilities.