View Full Version : Backbiting destroying the NPP - Apraku

2nd October 2013, 03:06 AM
Presidential hopeful, Dr. Kofi Konadu Apraku, says the culture of backbiting and unfair maligning of persons with dissenting views in the main opposition New Patriotic Party will plunge the party into destruction.

Dr. Apraku, who has also rejected claims that he stole campaign funds of his party in 2008, said he bleeds over the mudslinging and undercutting ongoing within his party as far as internal contests are concerned.

We have lost two elections, if for no other reasons; we need to reflect on why we lost the elections. We must stop this losing streak and find people who can lead the NPP to power in 2016. We have to do so dispassionately. The insults and name calling will not help, he pointed.

He told XYZ News its high time the party rather focused on rebuilding its structures ahead of 2016.