View Full Version : Africa needs partnership, not sympathy - Mahama tells UN

27th September 2013, 03:29 AM
President John Dramani Mahama in his speech delivered this afternoon at the United Nations General Assembly today has challenged the world to start partnering with Africa for economic growth instead of sympathizing with the continent.

President Mahama, who addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday, said: “Often the Western world wrongly assumes that we in Africa do not know our worth. We do. It’s not sympathy we want; it’s partnership, the ability to stand on our own feet. It’s not handouts we’re in search of; its opportunities. We have already shown that with time and the right opportunity, Africa can make it.”

President Mahama reiterates the need to transform Africa’s economy by adding value to “our primary produce of export”. He said it is not good enough for Africa to export raw gold, cocoa, petroleum and other various resources and be importing a finished product.

“We need to add value to our natural resources by setting up industries in our countries that will add these values. And of course, this will create more employment for the teeming youths who have got no job, as well as add greatly to our economic growth” he said.