View Full Version : The Al-shabaab, A Political Organisation or A Religion?

26th September 2013, 03:17 AM
I have read a lot of articles and comments on the internet as well as the
social media concerning the barbaric and grotesque attack at the Kenyan
West gate shopping mall on Saturday, 21 August 2013, which had claimed at
least 62 lives according to the guardian report: "Kenya's interior minister
Joseph Ole Lenku said that it was unlikely that any more hostages were
being held in the mall where the attack killed at least 62 people,
including at least six Britons". Victims came from many countries including
Britain, Australia, Canada, France, China, India, Ghana and the
Netherlands. For Ghana, we have lost an illustrious son Kofi Awoonor
Williams; a poet an author, diplomat, academic and a former chairman of
council of state. May your untimely soul rest in peace and for the mind
that masterminded the mysterious gun never have peace on this earth and the
hand that pulled the trigger be torned to shreds. Those addlebrains who
clandestine their acts under the umbrella of religion knows nothing but
misconstrues the scriptures.

The more I read them the more I become sad and sad. Then I begin to think
and ask God a simple question, when is the judgement day? Why is God not
giving instant judgement and to punish those who takes the lives of their
fellow innocent human beings? are we safe in this world of ours? I had a
heated argument with some of my colleages the other day concerning wrong
doers and the judgement day. My point was that God should have made heaven
and hell visible to mankind for at least it will instill much fear into the
hearts of men when they think evil. Their point was also that no matter how
horrible hell will look like if it is visible, some people will still opt
to go there (hell) and will therefore do evil. God has actually hidden
something from us I concluded. Man do not believes God's word, it is a
fact, not even the religious leaders, some of them rattled the scriptures
with their tongue not in their hearts and when they retire to bed they
think differently. Some of the comments or reactions that at times we hear
from our religious leaders on sensitive religious issues only add more
confusion to our aready bloggled mind on religion, disgusting and leaves
much to be desired. So the question again is, are we being deceived or
mislead? It is a fact again that majority of people in the world (with the
exception of Africans because we believe in the goodness of everything the
Whites brought) believes that the scriptures were written by men and they
were NOT even inspired by God to write it but something to deceive. Yes,
you can call me a shallow thinker, an atheist or whatever for I will not
take a religious stance here but as a social commentator, I free my mind of
all impurities with impunity. Just like my friend's article on ghanaweb
yesterday, The Al-shabab, the ugly side of religion, he was attacked from
all corners from both muslims and christians, chided and some calling him
names just because he expressed his opinion on religion. Why are we so
fixated on religion like that? Isn't it a delusion that we believe.....? I
concur with my friends words "... none of the founders of these
so-called religions ever preached based on religious followership. They all
preached on the love for one’s neighbor, tolerance, and peace". So where is
the love? Where is the peace of your religion? The scriptures can not walk
and talk peace, it is you who have to practise what you preach! - peace.
Whether the scriptures were written by man or not, has religion not done
more good than harm?

Is Al-shabaab a religion or a political organisation? When the name
"Al-shabaab" is mention, what readily comes to mind in sequence is Arabic
language - Islam - Muslims - suicide bombers and terrorists. Is everything
in Arabic Islamic? and therefore must be perpetuated by muslims? I do not
want to defend any religion but help me destressed my boggled mind, where
do rebels get their funds from? There must be someone facilitating their
activities. Is it from the politician or from a religious body? It is an
undeniable fact that both the Quran and the Bible have verses or chapters
that if we want to follow them or put them into practise we will only end
up harming ourselves and denying peace in our existence, nonetheless there
are avalanche of chapters and verses in our scriptures that speak and
teaches love, peace, unity and forgiveness among mankind. Why chose to
practise the few ambiguous ones that never makes the world a better place
to be?

I came across a farcical article purported to have been reported by one
Elijah Lamau to the BBC on the shooting inciddence inside the mall, that
the gunmen had told Muslims to leave and said non-Muslims would be targeted
and that the
gunmen further said, “If you are a Muslim, stand up. We’ve come to rescue
you.” “The Muslims left
with their hands up.” Why did the others also not stand up and raise their
hands and left free since proclaiming as a muslim by standing up and
raising your hand could set you free? Or they wanted to defend their
religion? This is not convincive in all human senses. It is sensational
journalism and nothing else. I was expecting to read something like they
(the gunmen) inspected their ID card to confirm their muslim names before
letting them go. Gruesome attacks likes this and the like of the activities
Boko haram should be condemned in totality rather than attributing it to
the believes of a religion, but for me it is more political than religious.