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11th September 2013, 02:33 AM
Fellow Accraists,

I must apologise for my inability to get in touch with you last week. I was embroiled in many issues and therefore decided to take a break from work.

I’m very tired. I think a holiday somewhere in Barbados will do. After all why am I in government?

A caring government does not mean I should go hungry. Despite the issues I dealt with, I had the chance to monitor the radio stations, read newspapers and commentaries that followed the Supreme Court verdict.

One thing I observed on the 29th August was how major streets of Accra became as quiet as the Awudome cemetary. I went round Makola, the hotspot of needless vehicular and human traffic, and, my goodness, the whole place was empty. My drive through notorious areas noted for traffic was seamless.

Is that my Accra? I was in awe. Inasmuch as I was happy it happened. I was sad about the insults people rained on me.

“The mayor is a rather useless chap who doesn’t know his job. Must he wait for a court decision to get people off the streets?” I heard a caller on a radio station say.

Me useless? What crime did I commit by putting myself up to serve the people of Accra? I have been on this job for a little over four years and despite the numerous millennium city projects such as the end to the shift system, and the removal of schools under trees, people still berate me. People said it took a few hours to clear hawkers from the streets and for four years, “that bearded chap” has been sitting on his ass doing nothing for the people of Accra.

How sad! There is also the suggestion that the presiding judge, William Atuguba, should be made to take over my job. How ridiculous. I have nothing against him but he is not fit to be a mayor. He is a lawyer and I pray he keeps his eyes on the law books.

Being a mayor will only add to the already scorn he is receiving, especially when one thinks about the confusion on the heels of his verdict. I’m happy we won, but his verdict, to say the least, has embroiled the country in confusion. His name kept trending all over the place and if I were to be in his shoes, I’d not pay attention to calls for me to become the head of this city, Accra.

I have read portions of his ruling and, sorry to say, I’m still at a loss about what he described as “ballot stuffing.” For example, 200 people were registered at a polling station and on the day of voting, 150 ballot papers were issued for legitimate voters.

By the close of voting, it turned out that 20 extra ballot papers were found. What do you call that? Granted that it’s even ballot stuffing, is that not a violation of the electoral law? So how do you then say the petition brought before you had no foundation?

The logic behind this, clearly, doesn’t wash for me. I’ll advise him to focus on his law and leave the cleaning of the city to people like me. Some of my actions have been needless but I’m the right guy for the job. And any attempt to kick me out will not succeed.

Even JM cannot dare say he’ll remove me. He’ll not have any peace at all. That I can say without fear of contradiction. I know there are attempts, like I have said in previous communication, for him to remove me. That will happen over my dead body. Why do we have foot soldiers? I’ll unleash them on his government, just like others currently holding ministerial portfolios have done.

After all, he’s shown that the best way to get appointment into government is to rally round some unemployed party supporters, get them Ghc5 each and unleash them onto the streets. Once they do not only make noise but burn state property, you’re well in your way of becoming an appointee of government.

That’s the NDC for you. For those of my colleagues sitting there and complaining in the press about not benefiting from government, they’re just being stupid. The foot soldiers are there, get them and use them.

Hopefully next week, I’ll be talking about how our hungry foot soldiers can be used to secure a juicy position.

Until next week, enjoy the filth!

Yours faithfully,
Mayor Abodwes3
Date… 30-07-13