View Full Version : Two arrested for Aburi orphanage attack

28th August 2013, 02:46 AM
Two out of the four suspected armed robbers who attacked the Light House orphanage in Aburi on Monday have been arrested.

The four armed men who brutalized and sexually assaulted some of the residents of the home also took away money and various electrical gadgets.

Speaking on Citi Breakfast Show, the deputy Eastern Regional Police Commander, ACP James Abaa said the arrest was facilitated through a tracking device on one of the stolen gadgets.

“One of the machines that was stolen had a tracking system that tracked the culprits to the Central Region,” he said.

Responding to allegations that the police left without offering any form of protection to the victims, ACP Abaa said there was nothing the patrol team could have done than to call in the investigation team.

“The police stayed there for 45 minutes and there was nothing else that could have been done than inform an investigation team to follow up on the issue,” he said.

According to him, the residents cannot be blamed for the delay in calling the police since they had no means of communication.

“After the robbers took their valuables and phones away, they had no means of communication. The inmates had to therefore get out of the house to ask someone to call the police to come to their rescue,” he added.