View Full Version : Fetish priest, pastor tango over ‘juju’ consultation fee

27th August 2013, 04:05 AM
Drama unfolded at Adansi Anwiaso in the Adansi North District of the Ashanti region last Friday when a fetish priest in an apparent trance, descended on a pastor in his church to demand the balance of an agreed fee for 'juju' he allegedly gave the man of God to expand his ministry.

The fetish priest, Nana Boafo Mosi of the Boafo Mosi Shrine at Adansi Anwiam told the Daily Graphic that he was driven by his gods to confront the founder and leader of the Life Chapel International Ministry, Rev. Dr Bright Nana Okai Aba, at Kyekyewere near Obuasi to demand the amount of GHc1,050, which he owed him for the spiritual work he did for him.

Following verbal exchanges that ensued between the fetish priest and the pastor, the traditional authorities of the community have summoned them for fighting in public.

They are due to appear before the chief’s court on Tuesday on the charge of fighting in public in contravention of local customary laws prohibiting fighting in public.

Both the pastor and priest have in separate interviews with the Daily Graphic confirmed the summons issued to them.

Nana Mosi who claimed to have over 10,000 gods spread across the country said he was approached by the pastor in March this year to help him grow his church.

He said the pastor claimed to have heard of his powers and therefore wanted him to help grow the church which at the time had only nine members.

Nana Mosi said he demanded GHc1,200 before delving into the spiritual world to fortify Rev. Dr Bright Nana Okai Aba and also grow the church but the latter returned later pleading that he had only GHc150 on him and that he would settle the balance later.

According to the fetish priest, he gave some water to Rev. Dr Nana Ababio to use in washing his face which was to open his eyes spiritually to see hidden things.

He also handed over some concoction to the pastor to bury in the ground near his church, promising the Man of God that in a month’s time the membership of the church would grow from nine to 40.

He said two weeks later the pastor called to inform him that the membership of the church had reached 39.

The fetish priest stated that the pastor having failed to honour his promise to pay the balance, he sent a young fetish priestess to demand the money but the pastor refused to pay.

Last Friday, Rev Dr Nana Ababio went to Adansi Anwiam to undertake official activities in a new church he had planted in the town and whilst meeting his congregation in a house which served as a temporary meeting place, Nana Mosi stormed the house to demand his money.

Fierce exchanges of words ensued, drawing almost the entire community to the scene and the chiefs had no option but to summon the two before the traditional court for acting contrary to the traditional laws.

According to Nana Mosi, he was driven by the gods to confront the pastor and that he could not recall what he did or said in the church.

When the Daily Graphic contacted Rev Dr Nana Ababio, he refused to give details.

He only indicated that he had lodged a complaint with the police against the fetish priest and would therefore not speak to any journalist whilst the case was pending at the police station, promising however that he would speak up when the police have completed their work.