View Full Version : Every right-thinking democrat knows 2012 elections was shambolic –NPP man

6th August 2013, 03:20 AM
A member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) National Council, Eugene Antwi believes that every objective, right-thinking democrat ought to conclude that the 2012 general elections organized by the Electoral Commission(E.C) were shambolic.

This conclusion, he says was non-partisan and patriotic. The NPP man said there was no need to pretend about the lack of credibility of the December polls especially if when analyzed in a non-partisan spirit.

Mr. Antwi was discussing Ghana's Election Petition brought by leading figures in the opposition NPP. The Petition is alleging massive infractions and irregularities during the polls which they believe led to the wrongful declaration of the governing NDC's John Mahama as winner of the 2012 general elections.

Speaking on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana program Monday, he said his focus of constructive criticism was not on the actions of interested parties such as the declared winner John Mahama or his party the NDC but rather on the Electoral Commission.

"We all know what the infractions are”; every objective, right-thinking democrat can come to a conclusion that our elections was shambolic”, he said.

The NPP man was convinced that the Electoral Commission had compromised the credibility of the polls and argued that the independence of the EC must not go unscrutinized.

He said this scrutiny was important because “tomorrow it could be you [NDC]”, he told co-panelist and deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Kofi Adams.

Kofi Adams responded that the petitioners failed to denigrate the performance of the E.C. during their counsel’s cross-examination of Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, the witness and Chair of the E.C.

To buttress his point he sought to rely on complimentary comments attributed to Boakye Agyarko, Campaign Manager of the NPP who is reported to have said hours before the process was over that the the 2012 elections were the cleanest yet.

But the NPP man would not allow him to make this reference. Appearing disruptive and uncompromising, he insisted that Kofi Adams ought to focus on the real issues.

“We are not in court because of Boakye Agyarko we are there because of pink sheets,” he said.

Kofi Adams nonetheless explained that the fact that polling agents of the NPP signed all pink sheets showed the results were certified as true – a point he said Tsatsu Tsikata had shown in court during the hearing of the election petition.

He conceded that there were problems with biometric verification and registration machines used during the polls but said that was to be expected because it was a new system.

Nonetheless, to have gone through problems such as the breakdown of these machines and the extension of the voting day by 24 hours proved the system was resilient not shambolic. He said former president Rawlings had recognized the serene nature of the polls.