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The Informer
29th July 2013, 08:28 PM
Ghana's remaining representative in the ongoing Big Brother Africa (The Chase) reality show, Elikem was a gallant winner after Sunday night's dreaded eviction show.

The Ghanaian was up for possible eviction - along with Kenyan Annabel and Zambia's Sulu - and contrary to expectations that only one housemate will be packing his or her bags home, two exited the show.

Annabel and The Chase's strongest competitor Sulu saw their dreams of winning the US$300,000 cash prize crush in front of them.
Nando disqualified!

After Sunday night's eviction show, ten housemates - Elikem, Melvin, Beverly, Feza, Oneal, Cleo, Angelo, Nando, Bimp and Dellish - saw themselves making it to the final leg of the reality show.

But just when they thought the drama had ended, Big Brother addressed the housemates about an altercation between Elikem and Tanzania's Nando.

Big Brother later reviewed a footage from the incident where Nando stated that he felt like stabbing Elikem and that "he deserves to die."

The Tanzanian was later called into the diary room were Big Brother played a footage of him stating his intentions of stabbing Elikem. A scissors he had on him was also retrieved.

Nando received his third strike for the life threatening remarks and also shielding a dangerous weapon - scissors. He was subsequently disqualified.

This year's Big Brother show has seen the imposition of a Three Strike Rule, were house mates who commit serious offences receive a strike for each offence. A third strike meant outright disqualification.

Nando, who had received a first strike for carrying a knife, received a second strike for the altercation with Elikem. The Ghanaian also received his first strike over the incident.

Elikem is Head of House

After a deadlock in the Head of House task last Friday between Elikem and Botswana representative Oneal, the two faced off Monday morning to determine who leads the house this week.

The two housemates were tasked to hit a golf ball in a hole with a buzzer.

The housemate whose ball enters the hole or is closest to the hole wins the task.

Oneal who was the first to hit his ball, hit it out of range. Elikem's ball landed a few inches to the hole and was therefore declared Head of House for this week.

From: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Ernest Dela Aglanu (Twitter: @delaXdela / Instagram: citizendela)