View Full Version : I Really Love Nando - Selly

20th July 2013, 04:55 PM
For those who thought that Sellyís feeling for Nando were a strategy, you need to think again.

The fact is that Selly and Nando took the shortest time to fall for each other and then enjoyed each otherís goodies, but the feeling seemed and is still real for Selly.


Despite the fact that Nando said it point blank with all housemates hearing that all what is having sex and life goes on, Selly still has a hope that maybe one day something might come out.

We came to confirm this yesterday during the Ghanaian live eviction interview when asked about her relationship with Sulu. In response, Selly made it clear that,Ē Sulu failed to get it that I didnít have any romantic feelings for him,I love Nando, I really love Nando and is the person I would like to be with.ĒÖ Hope Nando could hear her cry out and console her.

Anyway, now Selly is gone and if we have anything to pick from Nandoís words, it looks like the Selly Chapter was ended and he canít get time to think about the sulking heart.


Source: http://bbafrica.tv