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18th July 2013, 04:56 AM
Accra recorded yet another destructive market fire Tuesday evening, sweeping away vast portions of the Abuja slum otherwise called the CMB market opposite the Kantamanto Railway Station.

Goods and properties worth several thousands of cedis were destroyed as the community was reduced a vast fire field.

A number of firemen responding early to the fire with their fire tenders had a torrid time fighting the huge blaze as access was impeded by the haphazard citing of structures both permanent and temporary serving as dwelling places and business centres.

The place has been home to a large number of head porters (kayayei) and hawkers who ply their trade in the Central Business District of the capital Eyewitnesses claim the fire started at about 7pm from one of the structures and a number of people around attempted to put it out first, failing which they alerted the Ghana National Fire Service. On their arrival however, the firemen had no choice but to join up several hoses and navigate difficult spaces to be able to access sections of the burning community.


A fire officer told Graphic.com.gh that the long winding hoses potentially reduce the effectiveness of fire-fighting as it reduces the pressure required to pump out the water. He was not sure how long the team from the Makola Fire Station and adjoining stations was going to require to put out the fire.

Dwellers who were able to salvage some of their belongings were seen carrying them away to safe locations as streams of curious neighbours also found their way to the scene to catch a glimpse of the latest tragedy.

Virtually all major markets within the main metropolis Kantamanto, Makola, Agbogbloshie have been destroyed by fire this year, with the exception of the Kaneshie Market.

Source: Daily Graphic

25th September 2013, 09:30 AM
Well yes, this is known to several countries. It even happens even in some so called "developed" nations, as recently. But 100% effective fire protection is possible. It requires education. Firefighters have to learn, not only to fight fires, but also to teach communities the awareness how to prevent fires before they ignite. Already today it's possible to avoid these and and similar disasters completely.