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15th July 2013, 06:09 AM

My current girlfriend and I have been dating for almost three years and so far everything has been cool and I give thanks to God. This is because had it not been Him, I would not know where we would be right now.

It has not been all rosy but through the grace of God, we have made it this far. I would not think twice at all if I have to make a choice to marry someone. She is my number one and she always remain so.

I will marry her because she has a good character. She respects and treats me very well. She makes sure I always have smiles on my face and she is not troublesome just like me. Her name is Tina, she is a shop attendant and I just cannot wait to tie the knots with her.



I would have loved to marry my current girlfriend but I cannot because she has some unpleasant traits. She is beautiful and all but she fools around and just can’t remain faithful to me.

To me, marriage is a long journey and it takes a lot for a man to decide to marry a particular woman. There are lots of things we look out for as men and if the lady has all that, we would not hesitate to ask of her hand in marriage.

She was like that when I met her but I managed to change her of some sort. Recently, I realized she has gone back to her old bad ways. My headache is that I have also realized that anytime I am around, she behaves well but switches to her ‘roving’ ways the moment I travel or anytime she goes to visit her mother.

We have been for two years but apart from that, she is hardworking and knows how to take care of the house.


We have been dating for three years and we have a boy. I personally do not want to have kids with different women but my girl is not there yet. She’s not yet at the level of where she can be described as a marriage material.

I am still assessing her and if she falls into that range, I will quickly wed her but for now; we are still understanding each other. I say this because; we did not really get to know each other before she got pregnant. It was after she gave birth that we decided to live together so I am now getting used to her and her way of life.

If she does not step up her game, I will just leave her for someone else and that will be against my will since I want my kids to come from the same stock. So the ball is in her court now.


For me, a woman who is a marriage material is someone who knows how to cook, take care of the house, and doesn’t make her husband go hungry among others. So if I find all these traits in a woman, I will marry her right away.

My current woman and I have been dating for six months and so far, she has been good and I think would be a good wife but I am not in a haste to marry her now. The reason is that, all that glitters is not gold so I have to exercise patience and get to know her better.

I also believe that when two partners like each other, it develops into love and then to marriage but my girl and I are still at the ‘like stage’ so I am waiting for us to get to the ‘love stage’ and finally graduate to the ‘marriage stage’.


Marriage is when a man and a woman come to an agreement to live together, understand each other and decide to make a family. The most important of all this is to have God’s blessing upon the union.

My girlfriend’s name is Helena and I will marry her if things go the way we have been planning. She is the best and to me she will always remain the best. I just cannot and do not know who I can compare her to. She is absolutely amazing. She is wonderful.

We have been dating for five years and she has been so wonderful. She is not money conscious like some of the women of today. She understands when she asks me for something and I am not able to provide immediately or even at all.

She hardly stays out late and listens to me when I talk to her. She is not afraid to apologies when she offends me and she is very appreciative of whatever I give her no matter how small it is. On top of all these, she is hardworking and very good in bed.


A woman is a marriage material when she seems to have her stuff together, that is she knows who she is as a person and knows what’s important to her as in her goals and values.

Also, to me, a woman is considered the marriage type when she is accommodating and respectful, and helps strike a balance of partnership in the relationship. I mean when it does not feel one-sided, and you feel loved whenever she is with you. She also speaks your “love language” or she is willing to learn what makes you feel loved.

My lady has all these but I am not able to make an honest woman of her because of financial constraints. Lack of funds is the obstacle preventing us from going to the alter but I believe with God in control, all things are possible and we shall overcome soon.


It is good for a man to settle down one day and I believe God saw this and that is why he instituted marriage so that a man shall leave his home and he will become one flesh with the lady he finds to marry.

My current lady who I have known for close to six months is a hardworking girl. She is respectful and contributes to the upkeep of the house and I love her very much.

For me, I do not believe in long courtships. I will not waste time asking for your hand in marriage. I know it will not be long and we will be pronounced as man and wife.


As a man, when you get to a certain age, you have to settle down and start a family. You need t get someone who is responsible and you can spend the rest of your life with.

A wife should be a helper and my current girlfriend is more than that. I took her through apprenticeship and afterwards, I opened a shop for her. We have been living together for the past 13 years and hopefully we will be married by the end of this year.

I believe and I have faith in her that is why I want to marry her. When I was living alone, I used to chase women a lot but I can confidently say that, this lady changed me and I am very grateful to God for that act of patience. She is very patient.

We have a beautiful daughter who is 12 years old. My woman is someone who is hardworking, very understanding, stays out of trouble and she does not go making friends all over the place.

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3rd September 2013, 12:04 PM
Would You Marry Your Current Girlfriend? no no! for 150% sure never. I do not .