View Full Version : Lydia Forson Falls For Ghanaian Actor

11th December 2010, 07:12 AM
According to star actress Lydia Forson, people are surprised about her decision to do a film with local Twi movie icon Kataware, born Ebenezer Donkor.

She said there was no way she would reconsider her decision because she had always longed for a moment to star alongside the old man. “I am happy with Katawere. He is fun to be with on set,” she told NEWS-ONE over the weekend and expressed the hope that their new film would cause a stir in Ghana’s movie industry this festive season.

“I looked for Katawere’s number for two weeks just to tell him I have job for him. I always watch Efiewura and I think he is a very good actor. It is not because he can’t speak fluent English but I know how hard it is to stand infront of the camera. “He is a good actor. When I finally got him, he was very nice to me and he also keeps to his appointment. I thought going to work with him was going to be a challenge but it wasn’t. I know it is shocking people,” she said.

Their movie, which is entitled ‘Masquerades’, is a short Christmas comedy that brings back memories of how families come together during Xmas season. Lydia says it is full of surprises.

She is also acting alongside Nollywood’s Desmond Elliot for the first time. The rest of the cast include Adjetey Annang, and Senanu Gbedawo, while veteran actress Dzifa Gomashie was called back from retirement to play a cameo role.

Apart from Lydia and Adjetey Annang, who featured together in a Sparrow production film, the rest of the cast have not acted together before. This makes the film a unique one.

Lydia co-wrote the script with her manageress Habiba Nelson. “I did creative writing in school. I also love to write and I have written a whole lot of stories down. I can also do screen-play but I don’t pretend to know much but I am very good at that and story creation.

You hardly get the opportunity to show that talent but this is my time to prove my talent,” she told NEWS-ONE.
Source: Daily Guide