View Full Version : Bandex At War With Movie Producer Over Stolen Movie

11th December 2010, 07:08 AM
Why will somebody want to have issues with music and movie producer Bandex over his new movie that he wants to produce as his Christmas package for fans in and around the country?

Is Bandex ready to allow the producer (name withheld) to part away with his thousands of Dollars that he used to buy the rights of the movie from a Nigeria producer? Read on people. According to investigations conducted by Flex newspaper reporters, a movie producer who is noted for his popularity in a particular TV commercial in the country has decided to outwit Bandex in a movie he is about to produce from his Bandex production camp.

The movie in Nigeria is titled “FULANI” but due to the fracas which seems to be preceding the release of the movie, Bandex has changed the title to “PRINCESS SAHARA”. To authenticate rumours as they arrive in our offices, we contacted the producer in Nigeria on phone to find out who has the Ghana rights of the movie. In an interview with the producer from his Nigerian base, he told this writer that he has sold the rights and the reproduction of the movie to Ghanaian producer Bandex and that any one who will be seen having anything to do with the movie can be prosecuted.

“I came to Ghana to sign a memorandum of understanding with Bandex. He has paid every bit of cash in the agreement so he does not owe me again. I have given him the original copy of the movie so he can now do what he wants with it” he added. Bandex too was contacted in his New Town office and he had this story to tell.

“I bought the rights of the movie from the producer in Nigeria but as I sent the movie to the censorship board, the officials on the board told me another producer has presented the same movie for a review. I contacted the producer in Nigeria in the process and he told me he has given one of the original copies of the movie to the director of the movie to be presented to me.

That director also happens to be a Nigerian but he lives here in Ghana more than he does in Nigeria lately due to the numerous contracts he is getting from producers in Ghana. I then called the director to present the CD to me but he kept on telling me he was not in Ghana. Meanwhile, I had gotten information previously that he was in the country directing a movie” he told this paper in his office.

At the moment, Bandex is threatening a legal suit against that producer but he will not mention his name because he wants to wait till they show their stubbornness by not returning the CD to him. He added that he has given all the documents covering the purchase of the movie to the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG). This writer, whiles in the office of Bandex saw 20 minutes of the movie therefore he is not surprised why some producers would want to overtake Bandex in that bid.

The movie now called “Princess Sahara” was directed by Ifeanyi Onyeabo whiles it stars some Nollywood finest actresses like Oge Okoye, Rita Dominic with Ghanaian screen goddess Vivienne Achor playing a supporting role. All things being equal, the movie will be released on 20th December for movie fans.

Will that producer be banned at a time that FIPAG is banning people at the slightest error committed by a member. Read on as Bandex has promised to release the name of that producer through a press conference next week.
Source: Flex Newspaper