View Full Version : “Destructive Instinct” 3&4

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
8th May 2013, 01:23 PM
What's up with the furor about a Nigerian actress producing an X rated movie ? or is it different strokes for different folk ? are Africans or Nigerians for that matter "---- proof" ?
I read about the movie “Destructive Instinct” 3&4 (Adults Only) a few days ago,then took it a step further to take a glimpse into the world of this widely talked about movie.

If i should play the role of the dearly departed Roger Ebert,I'll say this movie is tasteless due to it's badly directed and artistically flawed content. However, for Nigerians and others criticising it from a moral point of view is baffling. I dare those "mother Marys and father Pauls" to tell me they haven't been feasting their eyes on adult films created by western actors and producers.

Why the "Africans don't do this" crap ish ??? mtchewwwwwww:sulkiness: