View Full Version : What's Up With Chris Brown Insulting Ghanaians

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
15th March 2013, 12:55 PM
Why are Ghanaians biatching about Chris Brown's smoking weed on stage and ish ?

I really don't get it. Shouldn't all the time and energy being pumped into this ish be directed to making what matters most go away ? The poverty,disease,corruption etc etc etc.. Seriously tho' what's the big deal here, were the fans forced to buy tickets for the concert ? What about the "pant's on the ground" y'all have copied and come to love so dearly lololol not to mention the immense love for any damn thing American.

What are your so called rappers doing,from the freaking brain numbing slanging ish to the adapted mannerisms of the American rapper? need I say more?

Chris Breezy smokes weed on stage and suddenly he's insulted Ghanaians and their culture ? REALLY ??????????