View Full Version : Let’s Get Talking: To What Extent Can You Brag About Your Woman

The Informer
9th March 2013, 09:31 PM
I am single and I am content with being single. I have chosen to be single for reasons which I consider necessary and important. I know a lot of single people on here share the same sentiment.

It is sometimes really annoying to have things rubbed in your face by friends and acquaintances. I spent almost my entire weekend listening to one of my friends who visited extensively bragging about her man.

It got me a little jealous and then it became annoying. Everything was “Kelvin this, Kelvin that”. I know it is good to be in a relationship but to what extent can a woman brag about her man and the vice versa?

Do you think a woman should tell her friends everything good her man does for her or share with her? Should a man also use every minute and opportunity he gets to brag about her woman? Let’s get talking….


15th March 2013, 02:17 AM
I don't think bragging abut your man or woman is wrong but where and how much you do it can make it unbearable and annoying. You need to be cautious of your environment and be sensitive to other people's feelings when you open your mouth wide to talk about your partner.

If you go away on a weekend with friends, that isn't the time to disturb everyone with stories about your partner. Some people do not realize they are doing it overboard unless you prompt them and if you are the kind who cant tell it as it is, then you may have to endure it all.

Bragging to friends who are single and also searching may not be a good idea because your friend gets to know what a good guy you've got and if she isn't a good friend, the next available chance they get, they will snap them from right under your nose.

Brag about him but know what you tell who.....be cautious.