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8th March 2013, 06:50 PM

The art industry in Ghana is set to receive a major boost with an internationally recognized exhibition dubbed, the Kaleidescope.

To be organized by art exhibition and promotion firm, Ghana Contemporary, the exhibition will bring together both the old and contemporary art works in the country on one platform.

Organizers say the exhibition is designed to showcase the showpieces of art works done by Ghanaian artist in obscure corners – works which had not received the attention, recognition and praise they rightly deserved.

At a media encounter in Accra, the Managing Director of Ghana Contemporary Ltd., Leeni Ojaniemi, flanked by some of the artist whose works will keep mouths of art enthusiasts gaped and the hearts leaping, said the 15 March exhibition was set to raise Ghana arts to new heights.

Many great artists in Ghana had lived in obscurity for far too long, she regretted.

The purpose of the Kaleidescope, according to her, is therefore to expose the artists and their works to Ghanaians as well as to international art collectors.

Ms Ojaniemi believes this will not only empower the artists economically and encourage them to produce more, but also show to the world the great artistry of Ghanaian artists.

“There is a lack of support for contemporary artists, therefore some of the artists have a lot of talents but they have stopped working and continuing to produce beautiful art because the support system isn’t there and they are not able to make sales or become known in the business,” she lamented.

She stressed that given Ghana’s newly attained reputation as an increasing destination for global business, it was important that art industry was given its pride of place.

That, she said is because the works of artists sum up the hopes, aspirations, fears, and the problems of the society. Art works therefore are the eyes through which the society views itself and how foreigners see the people.

The multinational companies trooping to Ghana will need art works and “we don’t want to go to China and order hundreds of prints for cheap because there are beautiful arts here that can be available and affordable.”

Ghanaian artists and the art works they produce deserve to be accorded the international respect that is accorded artists elsewhere, she insisted.

The importance of the Kaleidescope laid in the fact that African art was beginning to take centre stage in world art, she noted, and stressed that it was important for Ghanaian artists to be placed appropriately to enable them tap into the market.

The exhibition, scheduled to come off at the La Villa Boutique Hotel, Osu, will see the works of eight talented artists - Larry Otoo, Wiz Kudowor, Jeremiah Quarshie, Kwame Osa, Nyornuwofia Agorsor, Kofi Agorsor, Rikki Wemega-Kwahu and Kobina Nyarko.

Mr Larry Otoo, whose art works are proudly displayed at the Movempick Ambassador Hotel, said he was excited to be part of the exhibition which is being supported by a number of corporate organizations.

The Chairman of Euro Star Limousines, providers of limousine rental services, who are also supporting the exhibition, said the desire of Ghana Contemporary raise the level of the local art industry chimed perfectly with his own desire to support and promote Ghanaian ingenuity.

Mr. Oscar Yao Doe told journalists he would not only patronize some of the works but also ensure that his international business partners, who have unyielding taste for art works, appreciate and patronize Ghanaian art.

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