View Full Version : 5 Tough Questions to Ask Yourself in a Relationship

27th February 2013, 12:44 PM
OK. Here are a few quick 'n dirty questions. Where exactly does your relationship stand? If you are ready to be brutally honest, ask yourself these five tough questions.

1. Do you look at other relationships and feel you have settled?

■This is the first big question you need to answer. Looking at other relationships and "wondering" or "longing" is not a good sign.
■Why are you looking at other relationships?
■Are you missing something is your relationship that you see in another one?

2. Do you really like and respect your partner?

■This is crucial; without respect there is no substance.
■And what about "liking" your partner? Do you find him interesting, and when she talks, do you want to listen to her?
■In order to like and respect anyone, you have to ask yourself. "If I was not involved with this person, and met him on the street, would I like him?"

3. Do you want the same good things for your partner that you want for yourself?

■This is real generosity of spirit.
■Do you care as much for your partner's feelings as you do for you own?

4. Do you feel this is where you "belong"?

■"Belonging" is the same as being "home".
■It is being perfectly content where you are.

5. Ask yourself, if you could terminate the relationship without any inconvenience - financial or otherwise - would you?

■We instinctively know that we will never again have the status quo once we terminate this relationship.
■Are you brave enough to leave?

Source: PeopleJam help yourself by Coach Girl