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27th February 2013, 01:43 PM
Well. I went to England to spend some time with my uncle. My girlfriend had constantly been telling me that she misses me and she wished that I could come home early. So I decided to surprise her and I did just that. I got home and took a nap and decided to head over to my girlfriends house. I stopped off to get some flowers for her. Then went to her house.

Her mother answered the door and said that she wasn't home and that I could wait for her. I obliged and asked if her mother wouldn't mind me cooking dinner for her. Her mother said that would be ok and she even offered to leave so my girlfriend and I could have the house to myself. So I said she could stay but she left anyway.

I cooked dinner and had some time left over. So I took the flowers I bought and pulled the petals off the roses and started making a path into the dining room with them. I figured this would be awesome and I wanted to catch her reaction to it so I set up a camera in the corner to record everything. Well. My girlfriend came home and opened the door and saw the path. She followed it and it led straight to the dinner I had made. I was in the living room waiting for her to turn around and see me. But instead she went to the back door and motioned to someone. Some dude came up to the front door and my girlfriend opened it up. He walked in and saw it and they started making out.. I was a mere 12 feet away. They followed the path back to the dining room and she said

"I made us dinner."

Yes. she took credit for the dinner I made for her. Although she didn't know I was there yet. He kissed her again and they sat down and started eating.. I got up as quietly as possible and went into the kitchen and poured some drinks. I walked out and went into the dining room and said

"Here you go. I got some drinks for you and your NEW boyfriend."

The look on her face was priceless. The guy asked
"Who is this, your brother?"

She looked at me in utter disbelief.

I answered his question

"No. My name is Brad. I WAS her boyfriend about 10 minutes ago. I made this dinner and set the rose path. I'm leaving. Enjoy."

Her mum had come home as I was walking out the door and she asked me why I was leaving so soon. I said that once she walks in the house she will understand. So she walked in and came back out as I was getting on my motorcycle. and said that it was nothing to worry about. That the boy was her cousin. I got pissed off at that moment and told her that there was a camera in the corner of the living room that recorded everything and she needed to take a look. she went back into the house. I put my helmet on. and then as I rode away on my motorcycle. I could hear screaming and yelling.

I know this was long. But this is my sad break up story.

By Brad Gurney (Yahoo)

What would you have done in his stead, what do you think about his girlfriend and her new boyfriend, did Brad handle it maturely?