View Full Version : Difference between loving someone and being in love?

27th February 2013, 01:35 PM
Yesterday I had an interesting chat with one of my old friends who's thinking of breaking up with her boyfriend because she's not "in love" with him anymore even though she "loves" him very much.

I tried to get her to explain to me what does she mean by "not being in love but still loving the person a great deal" and the answe I got was:

"I care about him so much and the love is there but the passion is gone, that crazy feeling of love you get when you start the relationship is just not there".

They've been together for a year now, started making plans for the future so all that got me thinking a little.

Every relationship has its honeymoon phase and everyone's bound to wake up from that same phase eventually. The high feeling of love you once had will slowly fade after which you move into a different stage of love, more dependable, resilient and most of the times, people might think, that crossing that bridge from being "in love" to "just" loving someone means you're slowly falling out of love and not caring for your partner anymore.

After talking to her, I came to conclusion that many people, including her, are in love with the "being in love" feeling which can potentially be dangerous for the relationship.