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Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
11th February 2013, 01:06 PM

will you sell your soul to the devil for fame and fortune ?

The ad begins with a guy admiring a billboard featuring the car in question. The Devil then pops up and tells him:

“Make a deal with me kid and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it”.
The guy takes the pen and then envisions what would happen if he made a deal with the Devil. Apparently, what would happen to him would be pretty darn cool. According to the ad, this is what happens when you sell your soul:

You also drive a nice car, have girls running after you and you become a race car champ. So extremely cool. Such a great deal.

Back to reality, the guy looks at the contract that was presented to him by the Devil.

So, while the guy did not fall for the Devil’s trap, the ad nevertheless showed what is required to rise up the to highest ranks of the entertainment industry. One must make a deal with an evil entity that is apparently a member of a secret society, who then “magically” gets you in all the right places in music, fashion and sports. Yes, all of this was conveyed in a short advertisement for a car. Is this another way of the elite to brag about how it runs the show? One thing is for sure, all of the Super Bowl audience will soon be absorb that message…And some will buy that car.

Q' lypse
19th February 2013, 08:10 AM
it is tempting...the problem with our world is, we are lost, we don't know who we truly are so we fight for what we think will make us happy, to deliver us from suffering, ie, money. But its all temporary... So many have fallen and accumulated negative karma because of money..

When I first went to England, I was with a bunch of fellow South Africans in a small farm town working in some really tough places. If people know factory jobs, you would know what I'm talking about. The vegetables, fruits, potatoes, frozen potato chips etc in your local grocery stores are all packaged in factories. Human beings working like machines do this job. Mostly standing on their feet 8-12 hours or even more. And the money you are paid is horrible. Low wages..
The fruits and vegetables need to be packaged in a really cold place. So you find yourself working in a giant freezer. Imagine when you go and buy milk and yogurt in those fridges in the grocery store, you feel how cold that section is. Well, these factories are colder and you are inside. I remember one time, it was snowing outside, cold as a mother.fuc,ker. I took a pallet outside thinking, oh, it would be warmer in the snow. Hell nah!! I rushed back inside the factory, that giant freezer was colder inside. Heeer, mankind has been through some tough ish! I tell you.

I felt like it was something i had to experience in order to move on in life. I saved little money to move to London after 2 months working in the factories. Friends I made when i moved to this small town also moved to bigger cities later on. Anyway, after a year, my friend and on and off semi-weird romantic relationship interest told me something which shocked me to the core. All along there had been a money scheme going on and i was never told. My closest friend whom i collaborated with to buy food and groceries with was the king of this operation. He knew all about it, our other friends knew too but KK (Q) was left out. They never told me. My woman sef didn't tell me until when it was her turn to go into the operation, hell broke loose and she lost almost all her money in which i had to travel down south to listen and give her some money.

I won't go into details about what these guys did, but this operation was(is) similar to cyber theft (not 419). I was in awe and disappointed that she would do that. I told her, yes we all need money, we are Africans who have families back home suffering but it doesn't mean we must stoop so low to the point of stealing money to get us somewhere. That is selling your soul. I've always believed in doing things the right way without hurting another, without doing something that would take another's property away. My words stood out and these guys knew me from religious debates and life discussions we used to have, that is why i was left out, that is why my closest friend couldn't tell me. My woman of course didn't tell me because she knew i would have stopped her giving her perspectives in life.

Maybe its just who i am, that i believe that Spirit/God/The Source/Universe will give you what you project outwards, how you treat people, this is why I wouldn't sell my soul to steal MONEY from anyone. I watched as my bank account increased month after month. Meanwhile, it was a time i was spending more and more money, buying, sending money to Ghana etc. So what the hell was going? That is my experience, that is to me, Something else showing me just be and always live with good intentions! This life is only temporary, to get somewhere, don't trample on others. Poverty could be a state of mind. But kindness is natural!

Fashion Yaa
19th February 2013, 02:53 PM
That's deep Pope the analogy to the ads of the biggest games in the world SuperBowl ChampionsLeagueFinals NBAFinals and others is not lost on me.

I wonder how advertising agencies operate in nations where the mere image of leading man astray from his intellect is seen as devilish(Saudi Arabia)Perhaps that give a clue as to why America represents a kind of progress threst of the world admires. Having money negates your thinking of the analogy you point out because our society is secular. If you have it, buy it, if you ain't got it you are afforded resources to work and someday buy it.

With that said, if I had to give up my soul it's a NO Bueno! So does this mean if I had the money to buy every single item proselytized at me in those ads, that money itself is the devil cuz of buying all of items keeping my soul in the end?

This is some state of mind shizz, only buy what you need.