View Full Version : Cry, my beloved continent!

The Informer
6th February 2013, 06:45 AM
My country Ghana is rich. Yes she is! Just like her other siblings who make up the African continent, she prides herself with many natural resources. Gold, diamond, bauxite, cocoa, timber and oh! the Oil are some of nature’s gift to the African continent; yet we make up the list of the world’s most deprived.

Sometimes it is hard to fathom why this is so but generations have been made to believe that this phenomenon continues until we’ve changed our mindset- the African mentality. With the rich getting richer, the poor will continue to remain poorer.

Why do I say so? An article struck me recently when I was surfing the net and I found it as one of the numerous cases where we will always spoon-feed the westerners while our own people suffer in absolute penury.

A popular musician and TV icon, Kim Kardashian took a short trip to Cote D’voire recently; supposedly to make a donation to an orphanage. Few days later, comments flooded some social networks from people who thought that trip was just so uncalled-for. Among one of the rumpus was a tweet from Californian-based musician named Dencia. This is how it read on one particular website;

Cameroonian/Nigerian parentage has slammed Africans for what she implies to be misplaced priorities following Kim Kardashian’s recent visit to the Ivory Coast. The sexy singer commented on reality TV star’s visit, saying: “Hilarity, for real Africans need 2 get their priorities straight… So u fly @kimkardashian 2 Ivory Coast 4 over $30k, pay her over $200k & she gives $2k to an Orphanage? Lmao my continent is lost…I can’t stop laughing like 4real? & they say Africa is broke, that money cld help over 200+ pple in that country. We nid 2 do better”

The question is; how long are we going to live in the world of fantasy and watch our people suffer? Will Africa ever accept the fact that we have no one but our own selves? Our people have belittled themselves so much to the extent that the white man has become some sort of a deity.

The organizers may have their own proceeds by organizing a show or selling out tickets to fans just to catch a glimpse of this celebrity but honestly, before you buy a ticket to go hail this “generous” donor, make sure you have contributed at least half of that money to make a donation yourself.

That kid on the street without clothes or food needs it more than these already made billionaires. It’s time to wake up my fellow Africans. Wake up from the slumber of insanity and promises of hand-twisting westerners before you are faced with daylight robbery. IT IS TIME!

From: Ghana/Faridatu Shaibu