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17th December 2012, 11:44 PM
By now, you know that increasing your fiber intake may be great for boosting your weight loss.

If you didn't, then this is an important weight loss fact that you NEED to know about.

Fiber - when digested - can act as either a gel-like covering for food (may slow the digestion of food particles) or as an undigested food particle that travels through your colon, sucks water in with it, and eventually leaves your body.

Soluble fiber – when digested turns into the gel-like substance - has been linked to lower blood sugar levels mainly due to the slower digestion and associated uptake of nutrients.

Insoluble fiber -which is the undigested type of fiber - has been linked to lower LDL cholesterol, fullness or satiety, and better digestive health.

With all that said...

Did you know that there is a type of starch that is lower in calories and acts very similar to fiber?

And this type of starch is RESISTANT to digestion?

There is!

And in a minute, I will explain how beneficial this type of starch is, and just where you can get it.

Resistant Starch

There is a type of sugar - yes, it is a sugar - that may hold the same benefit of fiber, plus aid in WEIGHT LOSS, blood sugar control, lower insulin response, and slower digestion.

And this type of starch may be very easy to incorporate into your normal dietary routine!

Resistant starch - which is a type of sugar resistant to normal digestion - has been linked to better appetite control...

Better insulin control...

May be lower in calories (around 2-3 per gram)...

And, best of all, it may increase WEIGHT LOSS!

So let me tell you a little bit about this amazing starch.

As you already know, most carbohydrates - or starches - are easily broken down by your body.

This breakdown could result in sharp, fast increases or slow, gradual increases in blood sugar - depending on the starch's glycemic index (how fast your body processes it).

Now, when you eat a resistance starch - which again is a type of sugar - it passes through your stomach and small intestine undigested - which makes its action very similar to fiber.

And that's the beauty of it - it may possess both soluble AND insoluble fiber characteristics.

Once it enters the small intestine – undigested, mind you - this allows most resistant starches to pass into the large intestine, where its function mimics dietary fiber.

And this makes resistant fiber a perfect addition to weight loss diet plans due to its ability to leave you feeling full...

Lowering blood sugar by reducing your glycemic response...

And, may even promote FAT breakdown, prevent fat from being stored, and is much lower in calories - which is good for monitoring caloric intake!

So where can you find this type of starch?

I'm so glad you asked!

Sources of Resistant Starches

As previously mentioned, there are many food sources in which you can find resistant starches.

Here is a short list:


Now, lentils are known for both their higher-than-average protein concentration, and fiber intake.

And both of these nutrients are perfect for boosting weight loss.

However, they should also be known for their 3.4 grams of resistant starch - which could make them a perfect fat fighting food.

Lentils are a perfect option for lunches or dinners - as a way to boost your metabolism and increase your body’s natural ability to fight fat!

Green Bananas

As you know, the yellower (or browner) a banana, the higher the concentration of sugar is.

And this makes bananas an especially attractive option for children and people looking for a sweet treat in the mid-morning or early afternoon time frame.

However, unripe bananas - or green bananas - pack a whopping 12.5 grams of resistant starch.

And this is perfect for weight loss!

Besides the high sugar content, a ripe banana may still contain as much as FIVE GRAMS of resistant starches.

Some Cooked Foods

Foods such as potatoes, legumes, and some bread - when cooked - may increase their levels of resistant starches.

Retrogradation - which is the process of cooking out the starch - occurs when certain starches are heated, therefore potentially turning them into resistant starches.

However, you should note that this process only occurs when the foods are cooked, then set to cool!

Another Way to Boost Weight Loss

As you know, the right foods - fiber rich, low-calorie, and lower-fat - may be very effective for boosting your weight loss.

However, certain foods that contain resistant starches may also be effective for boosting weight loss when you compare them to fiber-rich foods!

Foods like lentils, bananas, and cooked legumes and potatoes, may give you plenty of resistant starches, which could also increase your weight loss.

If you're serious about weight loss - which I'm sure you are - then try including more foods with resistant starches.

They may control your blood sugar more effectively and enable you to be more successful in your weight loss attempts!

source -Kevin DiDonato