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7th December 2012, 06:27 PM
And why isn't the Typical Daily Rag more helpful explaining why

One of my persistent themes in Letters to the Editor That Aren't Used in our excellent Fourth Estate, the Victorville, Ca, Daily news: That the typical news item or clip often leaves Average Clod (me) hanging or baffled. Consider on Dec. 4 for instance, "Police: Suicide suspected in decapitation death."

But even an ongoing series of reports often leaves questions where our Friendly Local Newsreporter assumes the reader possesses the same background as he. A typical such instance, concerning a national issue, is the apparent crisis in elementary-school ed., e.g., "Five states to increase class time in schools," Dec. 3; "Desert Trails still undecided," Dec. 5.

So the apparent popularity of "non-traditional"" methods as evidenced by the proliferation of "magnet," "charter," "propriety," "independent,"and other "alternate" forms suggest the discovery and application of certain well-established educational magic.



Leaving the typical subscriber who can't read all the news every day with obvious, nagging question: Such methods having proven so successful, why instead can't our "public" ed. simply be made like those others?

A short, concise para in each story--often connecting it for instance to a previous clip--would suffice the case of grammar-school ed. for instance. My guess, let's say:

"Under the circumstances some have wondered why the methods and techniques of the private and charter schools simply couldn't be adopted for use in the public academy? Reason: (a) reluctance by teachers' unions, and (2) legislation changing rules and regulations governing any institution labeled "public" virtually impossible, owing to political partisanship"

Of course that's supposition, I actually have no idea why public schools can't be improved but don't you think (a) that we need more background of this sort throughout the Fourth Estate and (b) what's your opinion on this vital q

25th February 2013, 03:48 AM
Seems sony is loosing touch with the Fans