View Full Version : Teenage burglar sentenced to tidy up his room

28th November 2012, 10:45 PM
18-year-old Jamie Froom, a serial burglar has been sentenced to help out with household chores or risk jail.

Judge David Ticehurst told Jamie Froom, from Mangotsfield, Glocs, to make his bed, do the washing up and respect his parents.

His mother Melanie, 35, was asked to tell the court if he failed to adhere to the conditions.

Froom, who pleaded guilty to two daytime burglaries at the hearing on Friday, will have to complete 120 hours unpaid work and six months of drug rehabilitation for cannabis use.

Nicholas Fridd, prosecuting, said the owner of the first house, in the Greenway, Bristol, had left it locked but returned home one day in April to find items missing and people fleeing the scene.

Froom and two other teenagers were then caught leaving another house close by with stolen goods.

Mr Fridd told the court: 'All property was recovered, which included computer equipment, euros and a ring.'

Two other youths aged 15 and 16 at the time pleaded guilty to their involvement and were sent to the youth court.

Froom’s fingerprints were found inside the first home but he made no comment when interviewed by police.

The court heard that both younger boys had previous convictions but Froom had none.

The judge told him: 'You can make your bed every day, do the washing up and respect your mum and dad.

Mrs Froom, a home carer, said: 'I thought what the judge said was good. I quite appreciated it. I felt the judge was on my side.'

Anjali Gohil, defending, urged the judge to consider the case as one of lesser harm and lower culpability.

She said: 'The offences were on impulse and there was limited intrusion into the properties.

'These were daytime burglaries of unoccupied dwellings.

'Mr Froom gave an early guilty plea and no basis was offered. He accepted the prosecution case.'

Miss Gohil said that her client was deemed as a low risk of re-conviction and suggested the judge follow the recommended community order, with special regard to addressing Froom’s cannabis use.

Froom today said the judge's ruling was 'too strict' - because he already does housework and is now getting nagged by his mum.

Jobless Froom lives with mother-of-five Melanie and his car mechanic father in a terraced four-bedroom house on a residential estate.

Froom says he is already 'good around the house' but since the court case his mother keeps asking him to help out more.