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22nd November 2012, 07:47 PM
It's that time of year when my "new" clients ask me how they can keep the pounds off during the holidays.

I always begin by reinforcing the basic need for 2 workouts a week using my 3 Cycle Training System.

These are short intense workouts using the largest muscles of the body expending a lot of energy during the workout and as importantly results in expending even more energy recovering from this type of training.

When time is limited as it usually is around the holidays, training that focuses on resistance training using the largest muscles of the body gives you more bang for your buck as opposed to low intensity, long duration training such as aerobics and running. This type of training relies on calories burned during the workout in an attempt to lose weight. This is not an effective way to keep the pounds off.

Remember muscle is where fats and sugar are metabolized so the more active muscle you have the higher your metabolic rate. So to keep the pounds off relying on volume training you will have to be in the gym 5-6 days a week whereas my training system will step up your metabolism with only 2 workouts a week.

Also there is a much greater chance of you sticking with a program if it is not overwhelming and the time requirements realistic.

Let me reinforce the fact that quality muscle is more important to the average American than endurance training.

OK next don't make the silly mistake of avoiding meals to save calories for the parties you will be attending. This will only slow your metabolism down and increase the chance that you will overeat. Overeating on an empty stomach stimulates the pancreas to excrete excessive insulin storing much of what you eat as fat.

Be sure to have your regular meals especially a healthy substantial breakfast. Then you might even have a small snack before attending the party to reduce your cravings for eating the desserts.

You should be aware by now of the biggest culprit for putting on the pounds whether during the holidays or any time of year. What is the culprit? Sodas of course, stay away from them. The high fructose corn syrup which is excessive in sodas can only be processed by the liver as opposed to a bake potato which turns to glucose and can be used by every cell of the body. It has been shown that fructose is ten times as bad as glucose.

The solution is to bring your own water, plain or carbonated such as Perrier Water. I like the flavored water, lemon or lime.

My last tip to keep you from snacking and adding to the waistline is this, brush your teeth thoroughly and you will find a clean mouth a simple way to break the cycle of munching mindlessly.

My first line made the point that my "new" clients always inquire about the best way to get through the holidays.

Year after year my regular clients make the point to tell me they did not gain weight during the holidays while on my program. This always reinforces to me the fact that when time is limited focusing on strength and maintaining muscle just twice a week definitely works for keeping the pounds off.

source - 2daytofitnees