View Full Version : Four Calorie-Saving Food Swaps that will help you to lose weight

12th November 2012, 08:53 PM
Switch from 2 percent Milk to 1 percent or Skim…

Drinking skim milk will still satisfy your daily requirements for dairy.

However, you will also be slashing calories and fat by switching to lower-fat milk, such as 1 percent or skim milk.

Total Calories Saved: you could save a whopping 117 calories!

Switch from Ranch Dressing to Balsamic Vinegar…

Ranch dressing may be full of buttermilk, fat, and, you guessed it, CALORIES!

Even the low-fat or light versions of ranch dressing could be just as bad.

In fact, most low-fat or fat-free salad dressings add extra SUGAR to the dressing in order perfect the consistency.

Not only is balsamic vinegar low in calories, but it is also low in fat.

Most people pair balsamic vinegar with oil, which could add more health benefits.

The fat found in oil, may be better fat – fat that your body may use more efficiently – which could add a bigger nutritional value to your meal.

Total Calories Saved: you may save 128 calories by making this simple switch today.

Switch from Trail Mix to Dried Fruit…

Now, don’t get me wrong, trail mix is a GREAT, HEALTHY snack alternative.

However, trail mix can contain a lot of calories, if you are not careful.

Some may even contain high levels of sodium, plus chocolate, which may pack on the pounds.

But if you switch to dried fruit, not only are you getting a serving of fruit, but you are getting in some of your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals.

Plus, they are low in CALORIES, which is perfect for weight loss.

Total Calories Saved: you can save 61 calories per serving switching to this fruit alternative.

Switch from Taco Salad to a Regular Taco…

Now, your normal run-of-the-mill taco salad contains plenty of vegetables, salsa, meat, cheese, and lettuce.

But what the taco salad is resting in is the culprit here.

The taco shell typically used in a taco salad - may be deep-fried - which can add calories, fat, and trans-fats to your day.

So by switching to a normal taco, you will save yourself (and your hips, thighs, and butt!) plenty of calories and extra padding.

Total Calories Saved: you could save almost 400 extra calories by making this switch, which is outstanding!

Use These Calorie Swaps Today

If you are looking to boost your metabolism, or enhance your weight loss, watching added calories is just one piece to the puzzle.

But, if you are truly interested in weight loss, then you should give these four swaps a try.

Your hips, thighs, butt, and abs will appreciate the extra effort!

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