View Full Version : Dangerous sexx positions you should avoid

8th November 2012, 10:05 PM
Trying new things, including new positions, can jazz up your sex life and keep the passion in your relationship. It's a great idea to mix things up once in a while just be sure that doing so isn't going to injure you or your partner.

There are some crazy things you can do in the bedroom, and some of those things can get you both hurt pretty badly. So when you're looking to add some variety, don't give these dangerous sex positions a try.

Of course 69 is a classic position for mutual oral sex when you're lying down. But gravity is not your friend when it comes to standing 69 -- in which one partner must do a handstand to access the other person's genitalls upside down.

And upon reaching orgasmm, it gets even scarier the standing partner could push down on the partner doing the handstand, or the handstander could lose his or her hold on the floor and come crashing down. Handstands are best left in yoga class, so skip this one and allow the bed to do its job.

A couple of positions in the Kama Sutra allude to the man standing up while holding the woman during sex. Super bad idea, unless your partner is a bodybuilder or wrestler, and you weigh around 100 pounds. The man supports your weight by putting your buttocks in his hands, and you hang on with your legs curled around him. No matter how much he claims to bench, in the heat of the moment, things can get, uh, slick, and you could lose traction. The scenario could end with the woman's tailbone broken or the man's peniis broken (yes, that happens!).

Finally, the "pair of tongs" position is infamous for being precarious not to mention requiring loads of strength on the part of both partners. The woman supports herself with one hand on the ground, while the rest of her body is supported by the man, who stands in between her legs, holding the front one for support. There are a lot of scenarios of how this can go wrong it's best just to skip it.

There are plenty of ways to get off without a trip to the hospital.