View Full Version : Online Degrees from EU uni's! the new technology of distance learning :)

Mo Sulu
15th October 2012, 05:21 PM
Imagine you could study at the best institutes in the world while staying where you are, keeping your everyday life and saving massive amounts of money.
Would you be interested?

While the idea of distance learning is not new, today the offer is increasing rapidly. There are traditional universities, open universities, and online institutes all offering distance education.
What makes distance learning different from traditional education? Well apart from a much higher degree of freedom it is very much like traditional education.

It covers all degree levels, and subjects. You will be taught by a lecturer, receive guidance by tutors, discuss with your classmates, and take exams. All however without the constraints of physical presence and strict schedules.
With distance learning you can study at your own speed, from anywhere and at any time. So why not start today?

http://flv.prtl.eu/distancelearning/DistanceLearningPortal_video_01_What_is_Distance_L earning.flv