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5th October 2012, 02:33 PM
The newsroom of NEWS-ONE has not been peaceful after the paper reported Wednesday that a recent research published in the scientific journal, Personality and Individual Differences, said Ghanaian men have the third longest and largest ----- sizes in the world.

The research showed that the average ----- size for any Ghanaian man picked at random is 6.8 inches.

The two countries that beat Ghana are The Republic of Congo that had 7.1 inches and men from Ecuador who measured 7 inches

Several persons who called into the paper’s newsroom expressed outrage at the story and challenged the research method.

Most of them were of the view that an average Ghanaian man cannot have a bigger and longer ----- than men from northern African countries.

The only person who called into the newsroom to support the research result was Jonathan Adams, News-Editor of the Ghanaian Observer.

According to Mr. Adams, “What is 6.8 inches? That cannot be true because an average Ghanaian has a far longer and bigger manhood than 6.8. I think we should have been first or something.”

A similar sample data in 2000 ranked Ghanaian men as second, with an average ----- length of 6.7inches (17.31cm).

But in this new survey, which covered a total of 133 countries from all continents, in Europe, men from Icelanders are the best endowed at 6.5 inches and the Irish are the second smallest at 5.03 inches – behind only Romanians at 5.01inches.

Africans have the biggest penises at an average of 6.3inches and north-east Asians, the smallest at 4.2inches.

British men typically have bigger penises than their French neighbours – but are less well-endowed than the Germans.

The average British man’s ----- is apparently 5.5in when erect – coming ahead of the French at 5.3inches, Australians (5.2inches), Americans (5.1inches) and Irish (5inches).

And it towers over the average manhood in North and South Korea – the smallest in the study at a mere 3.8inches.

But British men do not have a great deal to shout about in the trouser stakes – coming only 78th out of 113 nationalities covered in the study.

British men are ranked just under the Germans, who are precisely the European averages at 5.7inches.

The sensitive subject was tackled by Richard Lynn, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Ulster University.

He is known for voicing the controversial view that evolutionary pressures have led to racial and national differences in intelligence.

Mr Lynn says that the findings confirm previous theories of ‘race differences in ----- length’ with Negroids the best endowed and Mongoloids the least.

He concludes: “For most populations, ----- length are predictable and confirmed.”

But critics have claimed that Mr Lynn’s research is flawed because he has admitted gathering his data on ----- length from websites.

Jelte Wicherts, professor of methodology at Tilburg University, Holland, said: “This is a brave paper in a controversial area but the data has no methodology.”

Republic of Congo – 7.1

Ecuador – 7

Ghana – 6.8

Columbia – 6.7

Iceland – 6.5

Italy – 6.2

South Africa – 6

Sweden – 5.9

Greece – 5.8

Germany – 5.7

New Zealand – 5.5

UK – 5.5

Canada – 5.5

Spain – 5.5

France – 5.3

Australia – 5.2

Russia – 5.2

USA – 5.1

Ireland – 5

Romania – 5

China – 4.3

India – 4

China – 4

Thailand – 4

South Korea – 3.8

North Korea – 3.8

Source: Daily Mail UK, with additional files from NEWS-ONE, peacefmonline and GHP