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Kwame Nyame
1st October 2012, 06:33 PM
“This incarnation is a gold mine, a rich life, worth every ounce of trouble that rebirth brings.” —Sri Harold Klemp

Q' lypse
6th October 2012, 08:24 PM
Kwame I beg, what is supposed to be happening on this thread

Quophi Aletse
7th October 2012, 02:54 AM
lololol ..... kwamena i guess kwame or harold kemp is saying that we ought to be aware of the gift and most precious this life is and not get stuck in the drama ......

Q' lypse
7th October 2012, 05:54 PM
lololol ..... kwamena i guess kwame or harold kemp is saying that we ought to be aware of the gift and most precious this life is and not get stuck in the drama ......

one sentence=a whole thread? aaah

Kwame Nyame
7th October 2012, 05:57 PM
The first thing I would like to mention is that today we live in very exciting times where it is possible to talk about past lives openly without fear.
There were times when censure,persecution or death prevents one from discussing or studying past lives.
Today the worse that could happen to you may be opposition or ridicule from those who think we live only once.
This window into past live is open to anyone who wants freedom,knowledge ,truth,wisdom or love.
The pass key is not with anyone or any authority. You have the pass key.
If you are interested in your spiritual heritage,nothing should stop you taking up the study of your past lives.
You may find a cure to eg a fear you have harboured all your life.
People have raised the very important question of why you should bother yourself with a previous live when you should be concentrating on this present life.
Of course it doesn't make spiritual sense to go live in the past. However there are lessons you could draw from the past that would help break certain holds in this present live.
Learning eg you once belonged to the Asante Royal lineage will not grant you access to Manhyia Palace today. But it could perhaps shed light on certain happenings in your life today. The key to understanding certain occurrences,likes and dislikes,manners,fears and hold backs could lie in one particular or series of previous lives.
The answer to a prayer may come through a past live recollection. God may speak to you through past lives.
Something I will pick up later is how Karma and Reincarnation works hand in hand.
The play of karma underlies all human relationships.
The people in your life today may have played a role in previous lives with you. To go looking for past live recollection with the aim to settling scores is not a sincere reason to study rebirth. Dark intentions alone may shut the window to viewing past lives.
Something might be standing between you and spiritual freedom. A debt incurred in the past may have to be paid in this present live to free you.
This could be shown you in a past live recall and help you pay back and gain your release. It could be fear of heights that is preventing you from learning out of body experiences. It could even be fear of death that is stopping you from taking risk in life today.
What comes to you from the past is often not black and white. We have a defence mechanism that safeguards our sanity so things come coded or shrouded. There is a need for decoding and more importantly how to relate a recall to present situation.
This is where a competent spiritual guide is most essential. If you don't have,pray to God for one.
The spiritual law says... When the student is ready, the master will appear.
One point comes to mind about parenting and family life.
I have two wonderful kids and I have devoted myself to bringing them up to become responsible adults because I know the karmic bond between us.
There are people in my family I relate to compassionately because I understand the love bond between us that goes back beyond this present life.
I'm most grateful to having. Spiritual Guide who is able to hand pick those past lives that are relevant to the situation I need to overcome in gaining a greater understanding of the life l lead today. And it is all geared toward my spiritual unfoldment now.
The whole purpose of studying past live is gaining greater understanding of who and what we are. All the experiences we have in life only point to one thing; how to give divine love first to ourselves and then to others.
Where will all this lead to.; a greater love for God.
Past Live study can present one with a gift of awareness. You are able to handle situation better. You depend on your own judgement and there are few occasions when you wail.... " why me God"!!!

I hope this piece sets the ball rolling. I invite comments and contributions.
For those who don't believe in reincarnation,just ignore the discussions here. I'm sure you have more important things to discuss on this forum.
More Later

Q' lypse
9th October 2012, 09:06 AM
Interesting Kwame, really like the part about the contract between you and the souls you call your children in this lifetime. Isn’t it wonderful to know why certain people are in our lives and why we have to deal with something with them? It’s like a revelation. I don’t know how much karmic debt i came to this life this but it’s a whole lot, im probably getting rid of it all in this one life time. Something many souls are doing in this era, this time. If i write about what ive been through since i was a kid till now, it could sound almost fictitious to some people or some might even exclaim, what the hell is keeping you with all that you’ve been going through alive. But Im still here. One day I wanna use my life as an example to help others get through difficult times. I know ive spoken about my personal life several times on these forums and im never afraid to say more. It’s human. If you read about my weaknesses and you act up then obviously you are superman or you are without emotions, in short you are not human. But you read and keep quiet because you know you are human and you go through stuff, you probably got a club foot and addicted to some substance or drug, etc lol. 3y3 life, its all lfe.
Past life once again revels crazy things that happen in our lives that we hardly understand. Or even why some repugnant person keeps coming back into our lives to ---- us off when we feel no need for them to be there. Haa-haa, chalay karma is a -----! These could be people we feel very close to, that even people from the outside see it easily. Recently I met some old family friend and his children and I looked at his two younger kids whom i observed with joy. Brother and sister, they are in their 20s, not living far from each other, the brother lives in Joburg, the sister is a student here in Pretoria but the last time they saw each other was like 3-4months ago. Their father has retired and is going back to Ghana for good so he was in Pretoria to visit us. His children came to see him. When i saw how close his two kids are, i started smiling. They wouldn’t let go of each other, you could see the love between them, oozing out of them. And they seemed to be in their own world, chit-chatting away. The nonsense in this world would say, ah, this is not allowed, how can brother and sister be so close, like lovers, but what i saw was soul love, something beyond human nonsense love. Their father told me, “nothing can separate these two, my younger children. Their bond is unbreakable.” I nodded in confirmation of what I know on the soul level. If their past lives were to be shown, witnesses would sit in awe. More importantly i also saw myself and a relative of mine in them. How close we are is straight up in your face. But with me because of past hurts, I withdraw from the bond, the love, at times. Too much residue. I’m quite over protective over this relative, sometimes it’s as if, if anything happens to her, i wouldn’t see myself living a purposeful life.
Recently she found out the reason why im over protective over her, it was a life in Rome or Jerusalem. Well apparently i was a Roman high ranking officer, she was a young Jewish girl, i was about 20yrs older than her and we had a thing going on, I had a wife and kids back in Rome but there was this love thing going on with this young Jewish girl in Jerusalem and a high ranking Roman soldier, a taboo at that time. It wasn’t long that alarm blow y3 s3 General hwan hwan is having a love affair with a young Jewish girl in some village bi. To prove my loyalty to my people, chalay this soldier/officer took his men, invaded this village, destroyed things, likely killed some of the people, and I personally thrust my sword into her heart, a quick and painless death!! Of course that would dispel the rumours.
Obviously i had to repay this debt, killing an innocent girl in a life. This comes not by being killed by that person you killed before but by taking care of them when they are gravely ill or having a disabled body. The dysfunction is, im over protective over her in this life because i feel like protecting her life against anything, anybody who tries to take advantage or harm her because I had taken her life in a previous life you see. She has been telling me not to worry so much about her because whatever happens to her she will be fine, i never listened until she told me about this past life thing. And ive been making the changes. Sometimes souls carry these burdens, guilt from previous lives, fears, wounds that killed the body they had now appear as birth marks, repetitions of the same mistakes, etc etc.

Kakrakakra (small small), we can talk about some of our past lives.. Things have really changed on these forums.. lol

Quophi Aletse
10th October 2012, 02:07 AM
shi shiiiii shi(hot like fire) ... lolol .... na here una dey pop bubble gum???? ..... lololol ....

anyways when it comes to me and past lives, there are triggered stages in my life for that to be open to me but not yet in my mid 20s ...... i am also getting that i was actually suppose to give my mom the gift of having her baby die during infancy so the necessary conditions were made for me to come into this world as a very sick baby and lived a sick life for the first 5 years of my life, but changes where made at the soul level and here i am today ... my mom doesnt like talking about my sickly childhood with me but she told me that i literally died in her hands a few times during the 5 years i was with her. i havent lived with my mother after the age of 5 which was the ceiling for when i was suppose to fulfill the contract by but im getting it got changed to very limited/minimal contact even to this day. i dont feel like i have any animosity or rage or anything towards my beloved mother though and i remember the few times we came into contact in my teen years, she kept apologizing and assuring me that she hasnt neglected me and will never neglect me ... to which i assured her that i didnt think she has neglected me and all was well ..... i dont know the reason behind this contract with my mom yet in terms of past lives or other karmic debts but the reason surrounds them

there are major themes that i have had to face in this life that points to karmic debts as a form of balancing energy also ...... who knows what source will put in my hologram the next moments

anyways i dont know a lot experiencially about "my"(for luck of a better word) past lives to go into meaningful details yet ...... but as i said the resonance is that im not at that stage of the theme of this life yet to be open to this and is an automatic trigger at the right moment like the automatic trigger some 3-4 years ago which catapulted me on this journey of self realization.

more later.....