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Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
28th September 2012, 02:05 AM
Fans of rap heavyweight champion Lord Kenya were disappointed last Friday at the Back in The Day concert that he did not perform as the show stopper that he was known to be.

Many of his fans had come to see him shake the auditorium as he used to do back in the days before he became a Christian evangelist.

As a born-again, Lord Kenya started his performance with his Born Again song and then did two others and when were warming up to him, he settled in an armchair he had brought to the stage to speak.

He asked the audience what songs he should perform from his many hits and when the audience shouted Sika Baa he rather sang songs from his gospel album which left many disappointed. After that Lord Kenya started preaching about how he was saved by the Lord and how far God had brought him. The audience not too pleased at all and not willing to do what the audience wanted, Lord Kenya left the stage rather unceremomiously.

On the contrary when the Shiishii man Joe Frazier stepped on the stage next, he did so with a free style from his Yaa Maame song, the audience screamed on top of their voices ɛyɔɔ. He managed to entertainment the audience with the little time he had.

Ex-Doe and Chicago had an interesting time on stage. Ex-Doe was the first to perform as he run through hits such as Yebre, Gogo Woho , Comfort and his all time banger Maba.Then Chicago rolled out his reply to Ex-Doe in Wobeko. The duo continued to perform their hit Daavimede kuku after which Ex-Doe left the stage for Chicago. Chicago with his yet to be released tracks got people bored as many were not use to his songs.

There were great performances from artistes such as Ded Buddy, Paa Dogo, Native Funk Lord (NFL), TH4Kwages, Akatakyie, Keteke, Slim Buster, Abrewa Nana, Kontihene but the night went for Obrafuo and VIP.

Performances from Obrafuor and VIP were on point. Obrafuor gave the audience the best from his maiden album Pae Mu Ka. VIP with Besin, Ahomka Womu and Daben na Odo Beba got the audience screaming for more.

Organised by Empire Entertainment, sound engineers Zapp Mallet and Hammer of the Last 2 were honoured for their immense contributions to hiplife music.

Back in The Day concert which was aimed to bring back to life and celebrate the great music of the past decades was not as well attended as it deserved.