View Full Version : Biggest Cannabis Haul From Ghana Seized At Heathrow Airport

28th September 2012, 01:20 AM
Border officers at Heathrow Airport have made their biggest cannabis seizure in three years after containers arriving on a plane from Ghana were found with drugs worth £4.3 million.

The drugs, which weighed around 1.5 tonnes and had a street value of £4.3 million, were found in three separate freight containers filled with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Border Force officials found the cannabis in tape-wrapped compressed packages within boxes on the flight from Accra on Monday.

Drugs worth £4.3million from Ghana have been found at Heathrow Airport

After being seized the drug was taken under armed escort to a secure location, where it will be stored until it is incinerated.

Marc Owen, Heathrow Director for Border Force, said: “This was smuggling on an industrial scale. It is a significant quantity of cannabis, our biggest seizure of this kind in several years at Heathrow.

“The fact we have stopped it reaching the streets of the UK will make a substantial dent in the profits of the criminals responsible.

“The international drug trade is a vile business that Border Force officers play a key part in disrupting.”

Officers are trying to discover the intended destination of the drugs.

Source: standard.co.uk