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28th September 2012, 01:09 AM
The driver ahead spat out something thick and slimy which hit my windscreen with a thud. Sprinkles of what I suspected to be saliva flew about, with some making contact with the glass of my side window which was, thankfully, closed.

It was a nauseating experience that morning which made me lose my appetite for any meal throughout the day until extreme hunger forced me to try to swallow something later in the night.

It is a common sight to see a man walking and stopping by the roadside and, without looking left or right, opening his zipper to pull out his male organ and ‘tra tra tra tra’ begin to urinate in the full glare of others walking or driving past.

Human beings, by biological definition, are animals that belong to the mammalian species. However, there are some distinguishing characteristics which separate Man, representing human beings, from other animals.

Man, the superior animal that presides as the monarch of God’s creations, has tacitly avoided being described as an animal, especially outside science, and prefers to be called a human being.


Man generally has attained a certain level of mental development and maturity that puts him far ahead of other animals. Man has more cognitive powers and is more conscious of his environment. It is because of his exceptional powers that man is able to adapt and build an organised society for itself and others of its kind.

While almost all animals go through the same process of procreation, you hardly see a man mating with his partner in public. While other animals survive at the expense of nature in natural habitat, Man has the capacity to harness resources from nature or create some artificially for its survival.

It is because of their perceived higher level of intelligence that human beings are not expected to do certain things that other animals will do without being conscious of it. Human beings have gone further to make laws and regulations to govern their activities to ensure order and sanity.

The closest we can appreciate the difference between human beings and other animals is to observe someone who is mentally deranged walking naked and picking odd objects on a refuse dump. That person has lost all consciousness of a human being and is so close to other animals that no normal human being would want to be associated with him or her.

It is no wonder that one of the most painful insults a human being can inflict on another person is to call that person an animal. It means that person is not normal, has no sense and does not conform to the basic rules expected of human beings. It is the same when you are told that you are mad.

Unless a person is mad, he or she is expected to live above animals and exhibit all the qualities expected of God’s special creation.

How do you describe a person who throws out empty water sachets from a moving vehicle after consuming whatever is in it? What about the experience I went through when a thick phlegm flew out of somebody’s mouth and landed on my windscreen? Could that be the work of a normal person?

Human beings everywhere have the tendency to do the wrong things. That is why we have the law enforcement agencies of state to bring deviants to book and straighten those going out of line.

In our society, while our animalistic instincts are getting enhanced, on daily basis, our ability to impose, restore and enforce law and order is becoming a mirage.

Our communities have become so dirty, engulfed in filth so much so that one wonders whether they are human habitats or for animals of the lowest order.

We prepare food and eat along choked gutters with all kinds of garbage, including human waste in polythene bags. There are mountains of refuse that are left for weeks and months in our schools, homes and even health facilities because we lack the capacity to clear and dispose of them properly.

Look at our driving habits. Our roads are no longer safe for travellers. Our drivers are speeding to nowhere, overtaking carelessly, ignoring motor traffic regulations and killing people every day through reckless driving.

In Accra, the capital city, motorists do not respect the traffic lights, while motorbike riders operate under their own rules.

Last Saturday, the Graphic Communications Group Ltd (GCGL) lost a young driver who was doing his duty. The driver was driving in his lane, conveying the day’s production of the Daily Graphic and other publications of the GCGL to Kumasi when a Yutong bus driver decided to behave like an animal and set on an overtaking spree.

A truck tried to avoid the approaching maniac and his vehicle and landed in the bush upturned. Our driver was not so lucky. He was too close to make any instinctive decision that might have saved his life. The Yutong bus rammed into the Graphic van – a Benz Sprinter – and tore it into pieces.

A careless decision, and a precious life gone. Passengers on the Yutong bus and other vehicles caught in the web of one person could not escape injuries. The time was 2 a.m. and that brought a day to an abrupt painful and tragic end.

The police and other security agencies are part of the jungle and cannot contain the madness that has taken over our roads. These days, embarking on a journey may mean a journey of no return.

Ghana’s road accident record is one of the worst on the globe. There is lawlessness in every facet of our national life.

The building sector is another area where indiscipline is fully manifested. “Stop work and produce permit” is all that city authorities can do. Houses spring up everywhere, creating the impression that there is no law and order in the industry. Naturally, a drizzle can cause flooding in Accra and other towns.

See the way we do our politics. This is a country with so many resources but there is poverty, disease and squalor everywhere, and we choose to play the ostrich. The act of governance has become a wrestling match determined by who is strongest and who can lift and throw his opponent down harder on the ground.

Men and women who are making sacrifices in various fields to push this nation forward are pushed into the background, while those who can make the most noise, full of invectives, are glorified and appropriately rewarded.

We need to restore our humanness and operate within acceptable norms. We need to restore a freshness of purpose and sanity into our society. Our laws should not only exist on paper, they must work. We need to come out of the jungle where the survival of the fittest rules supreme if we are to be recognised as human beings living in an organised society.

Source: Graphic/fokofi@yahoo.co.uk