View Full Version : Mahama courts American businessmen to invest in Ghana

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
27th September 2012, 10:55 PM
President John Mahama is courting American investors to invest in Ghana.

Speaking to top American investors in New York shortly after addressing the 67th UN General Assembly the president said Africa for that matter Ghana is a “good destination for investment”.

“Ghana happens to be the gate way to West Africa…Whatever we produce, rice maize, and everything many of the traders from Burkina Faso, Mali Niger which are constantly food starved come to Ghana to take their supplies."

“All the other West African countries have a demand for food supplies and so Ghana could become the hub for supplying all these counties with food," he said.

He conceded however that Ghana’s weakest link is manufacturing and industry and implored the investors to take advantage of those opportunities, adding the country will provide all the necessary resources and raw materials for such industries to work.

He also touted Ghana’s democratic credentials which he said will be consolidated in the December elections.

“Perhaps the best thing going for Ghana is stability and peace. It is seen as an oasis of peace in a turbulent continent.

“Ghana’s democracy has been consolidated. It is going to be consolidated further in December when we hold the next elections,” he stated.

President and Chief Executive of COSMOS energy boss Brian Maxted marveled at the smooth transition of power from the late president Mills to Mahama.

“The world was watching back on July 24, the Tuesday, when the former president passed away and within six hours there has been a very peaceful transition of power to his Excellency John Mahama.

“It is another example of Ghana’s great journey into democracy.”

He said as an investor, he was hugely encouraged by Ghana's rule of law and the economic impact of democratic government.