View Full Version : Training Compensation Agreed By GFA Congress

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
27th September 2012, 11:40 PM
Congress of the Ghana Football Association has put a cap on training compensation fees due clubs for the development of a player.

The policy deals with the status and eligibility of players as well as the rules applicable whenever players move between clubs.

Training compensation will be paid to all clubs who have trained the player when player's status changes from amateur to professional.

The governing body's legislative group on their final day of the two-day meeting on Thursday approved specific fees that will be paid clubs in every tier of Ghana football for athletes under the age of 23 years upon transfer to another club.

Premier League Clubs will be entitled to Ghc 1,000.00 for training and developing players under the age of 23 years when transferred per the number of years an under 23-year-old player spends at a club he is moving from.

A fee of Ghc 500.00 will be paid to the second tier and Ghc 300.00 and Ghc 200.00 for the third and fourth tier clubs respectively per the number of years the said player spends at a club he is moving from.

Also players who are free agents qualify under the new policy that was accepted by Congress as the fee will be paid to the Club responsible for their training and development.

The new fees is subject to review in the future.

Source: Ghanafa.org