View Full Version : Ronaldo(Brazilian) to appear on Celebrity Fit Club

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
23rd September 2012, 05:20 AM

Football legend Ronaldo is to appear on a Brazilian version of Celebrity Fit Club in a bid to get back into shape.

The former Real Madrid and Inter Milan striker has ballooned in size since retiring last year but will appear in the "Medid Certa" section of the "Fantástico" television show to try and get back into shape.

Ronaldo has already started filming with the programme's presenters and he will be followed for three months with the first episode being broadcast in Brazil this weekend.

Ronaldo said he agreed to deal with his weight issue on television as the extra pressure would keep him motivated.

"I'm enjoying participating in the program, because it is an incentive for me to lose weight," he told iG Gente.

"Maybe if I didn't have the pressure of everybody watching me trying to lose weight then I wouldn't be able to do it.

Marcio Atalla, who has been tasked with whipping Ronaldo into shape, said that former superstar's case would be an important lesson to viewers.

"The idea of choosing Ronaldo came mainly because we wanted to show that people cannot stand still," he said.

"You may have had a physically active job but if you stop and adopt a new lifestyle then your body will feel it and react to it.The exercises that keep you in shape need to be part of your routine forever."

In the first episode of the show the presenters do a complete evaluation of Ronaldo through blood tests, body measurements, electrocardiography, an exercise test and measuring the percentage of fat and muscle in the body of the former star.

"All I can say is that I will work hard, be persistent and not give up until I reach my recommended weight," said the three time FIFA World Footballer of the Year.

"I want people to be inspired by me."