View Full Version : Marketing Officer Rapes Married Woman

22nd September 2012, 07:32 AM
A MARKETING officer, Richard Fumador whose age Daily Guide could not readily obtain, was yesterday, put before the Ashaiman Circuit Court presided over by Tsatsu Yao Azumah for allegedly raping a married woman.

Fumadorís victim, according Inspector Salifu Yahaya, the prosecutor in the case, was a married woman said to be a resident of Kokompe, a suburb of Kpone, the same area where the accused person reportedly resided.

Prosecution told the Circuit Court that the complainant, who resided together with her husband, had earlier left home for town and was on her way back around 6:30 p.m. on September 9, 2012, when the incident occurred.

According to Inspector Yahaya, she stopped at a section of the road which incidentally was behind a wooden structure which served as the abode of the accused person.

The marketing officer, according to prosecution, on hearing the ladyís voice behind his room, came out and started walking towards her as if he was heading to the direction she had come from. He was said to have suddenly grabbed the ladyís neck so hard and dragged her into his room.

His victim, who could not shout for help because of the way he held on tight to her neck, was reported to have struggled with him to no avail. Perhaps, taking advantage of the location of his house which was a bit isolated from other houses along the road, Fumador tore the panty of his victim and subjected her to severe sex and later freed her after satisfying himself.

The lady, on stepping out of her attackerís room, quickly went to a nearby hairdressing kiosk where she narrated her ordeal to the owner of the shop and showed her torn panty to the hairdresser as evidence.

She accordingly informed her husband on reaching home and also showed the panty to him. The husband, according to prosecution, quickly organized some friends around his house and rushed to the wooden residence of Fumador where they arrested him and later handed him over to the police at Kpone.

Fumador admitted having had sex with the lady but was quick to point out to the police that he did so with her consent. He was said to have mentioned to the police soon after he was re-arrested that he had spoken to her about his desire to have sex with her; something he claimed she later agreed to.

After investigations, he was charged on two countsóassault and rapeóand subsequently arraigned before the Circuit Court. Prosecution explained that soon after Fumadorís arrest he has failed to meet bail conditions and has since been in custody with the case adjourned to a later date.

Source: Razak Mardorgyz Abubakar, Ashaiman