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22nd September 2012, 07:26 AM
One of the victims of Joshua Drah, the “abortion expert” has finally opened-up to reveal the traumatic experience she underwent at the Universal Mission Clinic.

In the wake of the exposé, contained in a Tiger Eye documentary film called ‘Wild Ghana,’ the contact numbers of most ladies remained out of coverage area till now.

We were fortunate however to have gotten one lady who was willing to speak to us on condition of strict anonymity, which we obliged to, with the simple aim of driving home a story and bringing our cherished readers up to date with what is a running story especially with an ongoing court case.

Our source agreed to grant us a telephone interview which we have transcribed in the ensuing paragraphs. The conversation deals with issues leading to the abortion and then her feelings after the story broke.


In the interview, she tells this reporter of her reasons for deciding to have an abortion, the fact that it was a friend who introduced her to the Universal Mission Clinic and of her experience at the hands of ‘Dr’. Drah.

Her desperation to have an abortion and the fact that she had already gotten ‘that far’ was what informed her decision to give in to Drah when he demanded to have unprotected sex with her. As to her feelings of guilt and the emotions she has gone through since the story broke, we leave you to read for yourself.

Below are the excerpts

Tiger: Hello, how are you?
Victim: I’m well by God’s grace

Tiger: How do you feel about all that is going on?
Victim: Regret, sadness and guilt.

Tiger: Can you please explain each word to us?
Victim: I regret my decision to do an abortion, I feel sad I let womanhood down and as for my guilt none can take it away from me?

Tiger: Why abortion in the first place?
Victim: Hmm, I did not need that child and felt it best to abort it and move on with life.

Tiger: Is it that you could not take care of the child or what?
Victim: I wasn’t ready to take care of the child and I felt it would make no sense bringing him/her into this world.

Tiger: How did you get to hear of Universal Mission Clinic [UMC]?
Victim: A friend recommended the place to me.

Tiger: Did she also go there for an abortion?
Victim: Yes

Tiger: I see, what did she say about UMC?
Victim: That the operation was quick, no nurses around to look at your face and it was also cheap [50 GHC] as compared to public hospital so …

Tiger: but was all of that true?
Victim: Yes, it was quick, I was alone with him till he started talking to me…

Tiger: Sorry to butt in, about what exactly was he talking to you?
Victim: Ooh … asking whether I was feeling pains because I was moaning

Tiger: Then?
Victim: I said just slight pains, which he said were likely to increase in the course of the abortion.

Tiger: Really!
Victim: Hmm, so I asked what the problem was and he said the place the ‘baby’ had to pass was blocked and his hand could not open it.

Tiger: I see, would you tell us what happened?
Victim: He claimed that he had to penetrate me to open the place up. I asked if no other method was available. But according to him, he had already started and couldn’t leave me lying there so …

Tiger: So?
Victim: I just thought that I had come too far and maybe just had to finish it, what happened I’m sure the world has witnessed in your documentary… so ….

Tiger: He had unprotected sex with you?
Victim: What do you want me to say, after you have said all that on TV?

Tiger: How do you feel about the documentary, have you watched it?
Victim: I feel bitter, but what can I do; it’s a decision I took maybe without thinking deep and I have to live by it.

Tiger: Has anybody confronted you about the video?
Victim: I have confronted myself enough and I realized that faces on the video weren’t that clear, but really, the whole episode hurts badly.

Tiger: What’s your view of the documentary?
Victim: You guys (Tiger Eye) were after Drah, so I wonder why you did not cover the faces of the women, after all we did not know a camera was rolling at the time.

Tiger: Drah is in court; how do you feel?
Victim: Only criminals are sent to court, if the police think he’s done something wrong; then he has to face the law, as I am facing my guilt now.

Tiger: If found guilty, how many years do you want to see him jailed?
Victim: My friend, I’m not a judge, whether for seconds, minutes, hours or a week; that is the judge’s job.

Tiger: if you could roll back time, would you have done anything differently?
Victim: What a question; I can’t roll back time, so leave me to live with my guilt.

Tiger: Do you have to be guilty for something that is past?
Victim: I don’t control that, I am a human being and my conscience pricks me almost every second …

Tiger: So would you say he secured your consent for the sex?
Victim: No I’d say on hindsight because that sex I came to believe had no role in the abortion as he claimed.

Tiger: Do you know about safe abortion, like in public hospitals?
Victim: Yes, but I think the process there would be too long especially for unmarried people like me.

Tiger: Where do you stand; safe sex or abortion?
Victim: Why do you ask?

Tiger: What advice would you give to other young girls like yourself regarding abortion?
Victim: Hmm … they shouldn’t do what I did and don’t ask me because you know.

Tiger: Would you tell your future husband about this part of your life?
Victim: Mr. Man that is not part of your business

Tiger: Thanks for your time and for agreeing to speak to us.
Victim: Okay!

Source: Ghana - Tiger Eye